Most important tips for nationwide moving

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    Every type of relocation has its challenges, but nationwide moving requires a bit more preparation. There is plenty to be done, so it’s important to think smart. While a local move can be completed within a day, moving to another state may require weeks of planning. Nationwide relocation will cost more, and more things can go wrong. To help you be more productive and effective when moving, I’ve decided to share the most essential tips for nationwide moving. Reading this guide should help you prepare better, and reduce the stress and save you some money.

    Deciding on a location for nationwide moving

    When we talk about determining where to move, it is not as simple as picking a place. You have to ask yourself a couple of questions first:

    • what is your moving and living budget
    • what are your expectations
    • are you moving alone or with a family

    These factors will help you to choose the best location for your relocation. However, there is more to deciding than just asking a couple of questions. Let’s dive into this topic and discuss what the best tips for nationwide moving are.

    a calendar
    Start planning your move on time, there is nothing worse than being behind schedule

    Start planning on time

    First and foremost, you must start planning on time. It usually takes six to eight weeks to prepare the entire relocation. With that in mind, decide when you must start tackling all those pesky tasks. If you wish to complete the move successfully, you have to allocate enough time for everything that needs to be done. Create an effective plan so your relocation goes easy and smooth.

    Make a yard sale

    When we talk about getting rid of everything you are not taking with you, there are a couple of ways it can be done. Best is to make a yard sale. Not only you will declutter your home and make it easier to move, but you’ll earn some money in return. Also, you could donate your stuff to charity, or give it to your family or friends. Remember that you’re not packing for a move next door, so it’s essential to keep only what you need.

    sale sign
    A yard sale is a great way to declutter your home before the move

    Packing your belongings

    Nationwide moving is not as simple as moving locally. That’s why you have to pay more attention when packing your belongings. For example, you will not be able to bring everything with you. First, it will cost much more. Second, it will require more time to pack. And third, you will fill your new house with items you don’t use any longer.

    This is an opportunity for a fresh start, so keep only what you really need.

    Also, packing and shipping heavy items will take a lot of time and effort, so carefully consider what you must pack.

    Picking the best nationwide moving company

    Looking for interstate moving company Florida is an essential part of each nationwide relocation. Sure, you can always move on your own, but I highly recommend that, if you are not in a tight financial situation, you hire professional movers. As we already talked how moving to another state is not that simple, picking the best movers for your relocation should be imperative.

    Shipping your belongings

    When state-to-state moving, there are a few ways how you can handle your belongings. One popular way is to ship the boxes before the move. This way you will travel lightly, and you won’t have to worry about your stuff during the move. Before you decide on this step, make sure your house is ready for move in. Otherwise, you will have to rent a storage unit for your valuables until your place is ready.

    A smart piece of advice is to have someone be there when your stuff arrives, so they can sign for them and safely store them on the chosen location. However, be careful when picking the right person for the job, as there are many scammers in the business. Better is to go with a friend or a member of the family, presuming you have one in your future state.

    moving trucks
    Renting a moving truck is a great way to move your belongings when nationwide moving

    Renting a moving truck or a container

    Another way of dealing with your belongings during nationwide moving is to rent a moving truck or a container. Many top long distance movers Florida have this option as a service. When renting a moving truck, you can drive it yourself or have a driver sent to your place as well. Still, know that this costs more.

    When renting a truck, always check if it’s in good condition. Next, make sure there is a backup plan if the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road. Also, you will pay for the gas bill, so make sure you calculate your moving route in the most economical way.

    Prepare your documentation on time

    This may be the most crucial tip for nationwide moving. Make sure you prepare all the paperwork on time and have it at your hands reach. In general, you should always carry your passport, social security card, and your birth certificate. Also, don’t forget your financial paperwork, like income tax paper, credit card bills, or a contract for the new house.

    Furthermore, if you are relocating with a moving company, there are some essential documents they have to provide. For example, the bill of lading, moving estimate, inventory documentation and “Rights and responsibilities” document. If you don’t receive these papers, there is something fishy. This is a big sign of fraud.

    a contract next to a laptop
    Make sure you obtain all the paperwork on time and keep it close at all times

    Last minute preparations for nationwide moving

    When the D-day comes, you’ll want to have everything done by then. Don’t leave anything for the last minute, that’s our number one tip. It is best to have a checklist of important checkpoints, so you can go over them and make sure you don’t forget anything. Since you are moving to another state, if you forget something, you’ll have to pay good money to come back to your old place to get it.

    Make sure your emergency bag is ready, and that you have enough food and water for the road. Nationwide moving can be quite exhausting, so my last advice is to have a good nights rest before you hit the road!

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