How to Fit a House Full of Stuff Onto One Truck

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    How to Fit a House Full of Stuff Onto One Truck

    Moving in Florida is a multi-step process, with one of the biggest challenges being how to get all of your possessions loaded onto a truck. This is no small feat, especially when comparing the amount of stuff you have versus the size of that moving truck. There are also precautions you need to take to secure the contents inside.

    Your safest bet is to hire professional movers. Even for a local move, you need to make sure that your items are packed and loaded in the safest way possible. The move may just be a few blocks away, but it only takes one pothole to upset the contents inside of moving truck.

    There is a science to loading a moving truck that ensures it is easier to manage on the road, and gives your belongings the most secure ride:

    • The Heaviest and Largest Items First: Refrigerators, washers, dryers, and any other extra heavy item should be as close to the cab as possible, and not stacked on top of each other. The idea is to try and manage the weight in a way that does not upset the vehicles center of gravity. Do this, and the truck becomes more difficult to manage on the road. Don’t forget to add extra padding between the heavy items and pack them as tightly together as possible. Use the wall straps to secure them in place to avoid them shifting and bumping into each other while in transit.
    • Loading Your Furniture: The next items on the truck is your furniture. Balance the weight to be as equal as possible on each side to avoid the possibility of the truck tipping over on a short turn. Don’t stack pieces on top of each other. Instead, make use of the upper space by loading couches and mattresses in a vertical position. The wall straps can be utilized to hold them upright during travel. The mattress can also be strategically placed as cushions in between furniture pieces.
    • The Heavy Boxes Next: The space left over is reserved for your boxes, and you want the heaviest ones to go in first. Use as much of the leftover floor space as you can, conserving the space on the top of these boxes for the lighter ones. Distribute the weight evenly by working in rows across the width of the truck rather than the length.
    • Loading the Light Boxes: Your lighter boxes and fragile items can be placed on top of the heavy ones, packed in tightly to avoid shifting. If you have anything that is particularly fragile, consider transporting that separately in your own vehicle.

    Loading a moving truck in Florida is not a job to be taken lightly. These are your life possessions you are transporting. For their maximum protection, let a professional team figure out how to place them safely into the truck.

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