Essential Tips for Safe Storage in Florida

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    Essential Tips for Safe Storage in Florida

    Whether for your business or personal items, it is important to know that there are some restrictions on what is allowed to be kept inside of a secured storage unit. Not only are these regulations in place to help protect your belongings, they are also considering the health and safety of the individuals working at the storage facility along with other Florida residents who have their stuff kept there.

    The general rule to remember is that any item or material that is commonly considered “inherently dangerous” will be banned from a storage facility. This would include:

    • Flammable Materials: All materials that are flammable or combustible by nature need to be kept out of a storage unit. This would include your propane or gas tanks, motor oil, lamp oil, fertilizer, paint, certain cleaning products, and combustible liquids like gas. Keep in mind that this would include equipment, such as a weed trimmer, that has a gas tank with gas inside. This would also include fireworks or any other type of explosive.
    • Hazardous Materials: Toxic and biological waste, narcotics or any item that contains asbestos would be considered hazardous and not allowed inside of a storage unit.
    • Automotive Tires: In most cases, you are not going to be allowed to store more than four vehicle tires inside of a storage unit. Tires are expensive to dispose of, and the storage facility is looking to avoid those costs in the event that you stop paying for the unit.
    • Radioactive Materials: Certain medical supplies may contain radioactive materials that cannot be kept inside of a storage unit.
    • Perishable Items: Food that is not packed inside of a can will not be allowed inside of a storage unit, even temporarily. These items will begin to break down almost immediately, attracting rats and other pests that will be destructive to other’s personal property.
    • Plants: A plant will not survive inside of a storage unit, and are generally prohibited, even for short periods of time.
    • Animals: No animals, even small caged ones, can be kept inside of a Miami storage facility for any length of time.

    It is also important to note that the inside of a storage unit will not be equipped with electrical outlets for your appliances or other electronic devices. Living inside of a storage unit is strictly prohibited, as is the use of fans or space heaters. If you are unsure of any item that you are thinking to keep stored, it is best to speak with the facility manager ahead of time to avoid any problems.

    Storage facilities provide a valuable service to Florida home and business owners who have too much stuff and not enough space. Just consider carefully what it is you are thinking about storing before you begin packing up your garage or attic space.

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