How to experience Miami like a local

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    Miami is a city with a tremendous amount of appeal. It does not matter whether you are in your 20s or your 70s, Miami will always offer something for you to do. Without a doubt, this is one major reason why people are always in awe of this unique city. Brace yourself, because good news is coming your way! We present to you a few simple, yet effective ways of how you can experience Miami like a local! Have fun!

    Elderly couple sitting on a wooden bench in front of a beach. Beaches are a large part of life here, and they are a good way to experience Miami like a local.
    There is no age limit on fun in Miami! You will find something for everyone`s likes and preferences.

    Experience Miami like a local by avoiding the crowded beaches

    The beach life is a big part of a person`s life in Miami. It cannot be denied that the Miami beaches are clear and pristine, and looking at them is always easy on the eyes. In case this sounds perfect to you, and you want to live a life filled with suntanning and sunset dives, you should hire Miami Beach movers and start living out your dreams.

    However, there is a big difference between someone who has just moved to Miami and someone who has been living here for some time. For starters, the locals would never step foot on some of the numerous beaches in and around Miami. One of the mentioned beaches is the South Beach. Yes, this is one of the most iconic beaches here. However, its popularity is exactly what makes the South Beach overcrowded, and not one Miami local is looking for big crowds.

    Instead, most Miamians have found an alternative place for lounging around. Key Biscayne is a small, but beautiful island in Biscayne Bay. It is easily accessible by bridges, and for only 1.5 dollars entrance toll fee, you could find yourself relaxing on this beautiful and spacious beach. If you want to experience Miami like a local, we strongly suggest you pay Key Biscayne a visit!

    Miami locals know where to shop

    One thing is for sure, Miami is not a cheap city. Everything here is expensive, starting from Florida real estate to the restaurant prices. Even besides this fact, Miamians are notorious for their splurging ways and larger-than-life lifestyle. However, over the years, and after accumulating a lot of experience, Miami locals have learned their lesson. They know that more expensive does not always equal better. In fact, what if we told you that there is a way to get the same quality at a smaller price?

    An inside of a mall. We see ZARA store on the right side. There are plenty of people walking around.
    To experience Miami like a local, you need to know where to shop!

    The real gem of the shopping scene in Miami is the Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall in Sunrise. You will not find a Miami local who does not shop here. The reason behind this is that the aforementioned mall is the seventh largest in the US, with over 300 stores. This fact alone should be enough to convince you to do your shopping here! Moreover, the Sawgrass Mills Mall offers all the big outlet names like Gucci and Bloomingdales. However, the prices are much cheaper compared to the other malls in Miami, such as the Aventura Mall. Why not save some money since you already have a chance?

    Where do Miami locals wine and dine?

    Just like shopping, eating out is a big part of the Miami lifestyle. And, to be honest, the Miami lifestyle is glamorous. The locals in Miami are used to treating themselves to a dinner in some high-end restaurant at least once a week. Having that in mind, knowing where to dine is crucial if you want to experience Miami like a local. For your convenience, Orange Movers has put together a list of all the places we recommend. Take a look:

    • Sugarcane raw bar grill in Midtown is a is a stylish restaurant with a tapas style menu. Due to the delicious and versatile food choices, Miamians often choose Sugarcane as their go-to place. If you want to experience Miami like a local, you cannot go wrong with Sugarcane.
    • If you are a fan of the seafood, look no further. Izzy`s Fish & Oyster will capture your heart and palet.
    • Icebox Cafe in Sunset Harbour is a great place to start your day. This cafe has a variety of freshly pressed juices, omelets and so much more. You know what they say. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having your day start at the Icebox Cafe is the first step to having a pleasant and joyous day.

    Once you experience life in Miami like a local and try out these colorful restaurants, it will be impossible to go back to the life you once knew.

    You must go boating if you are in Miami

    The favorite pastime of the Miami locals is boating. It is in our genes to use every chance we get to spend a day somewhere in the vast ocean. That is why if your goal is to live like a Miami local, you must go boating! Once on the boat (or yacht, depending on your finances), you have some options. Do you want to remain on the boat sun tanning? Would you prefer to take a dive and cool your body temperature? Are you a daredevil who must explore the depths of the unknown sea? It all depends on you! There is only one thing that is for sure, and that is that Miamians love their boats!

    A small boat on the sea at sunset.
    Boating is a big part of the Miami culture.

    The conclusion

    Now you know what can help you experience Miami like a local. It is as simple as visiting the right beaches, going to the best shopping malls, dining at the best restaurants and going boating on your days off. And, you already know that Miami has it all, and fun in this city is guaranteed. Form the best live music venues to the amazing nightclubs, you will not spend a dull moment in Miami. Have fun, and we hope you will love living the Miami local life.

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