Benefits of Retiring in Florida

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    Is retirement on your not so distant horizon? And are the cumulative years of cold northern winters, making you think about the move to the Sunshine State? There are many good reasons why life in Florida can be for you. And it should not include cutting all your connections to your life on the north. If you are not sure whether you should already hire reliable long distance movers Florida, we have gathered some benefits of retiring in Florida.

    Retiring in Florida
    Read on to find out why retiring in Florida is the right thing for you

    What are the good things about retiring in Florida?

    1. The weather in Florida

    Obviously, this is the main selling point for any pensioner, considering the long distance move to Florida. There are no driveways to shovel, no ice conditions for entry, there is no need for snow boots, shovels, ice scrapers, ice bags, melting salt or endless gallons of windscreen wiping liquid. Florida heat is wetter than the dry heat of the American southwest. And as a result, Florida is lush and green all year round. But it also means that you should constantly maintain your lawn and garden, even in the winter months.

    2. Room for visitors

    Pensioners do not need a lot of extra space for raising a family. But, from time to time, they can enjoy the inviolability of private life when relatives come to visit. Some new homes in Florida include a layout plan where there is a separate entrance for a small apartment house adjacent to the building. People usually call it a mother-in-law suite, although other people get visits too.

    3. More stringent building codes

    In 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida, but also led to the emergence of stricter construction standards. Florida houses built after Andrew had stringent requirements for wind load, impact-resistant glass, brickwork with concrete columns and reinforced roofs, among other things. These state building codes are among the most stringent in the country. One more reason to take moving services Florida and make a new home in Florida.

    4. Pension villages

    For those who prefer a whole community of neighbors of a certain age, Florida offers many 55 and older communities, most notably The Villages in Central Florida. Keep in mind that many of these communities have pacts prohibiting minors from permanently residing in these areas. So grandparents who find themselves in a situation where they have to take in their grandchildren will be better off in a more diverse environment.

    Retiring in Florida
    On the other hand, you will always have company

    5. Tax benefits

    One of the reasons that many people choose retiring in Florida is that property taxes are relatively low. And there is no state income tax. You can even deduct taxes on real estate from your second home, as well as interest on mortgages. Income tax services, such as Turbo Tax, can help you make the right calculations when it comes time to file your taxes on profits.

    6. Income from rent

    There are other tax deductions that you can make as a second homeowner in Florida. It depends on whether you rent a property for a part of the year or if you are a prominent snowbird that leaves the house or apartment for half a year. Leasing out your property for a part of the year, you can help cover the mortgage, as well as utilities. Because in Florida the conditioner must constantly work in the property to prevent mold – no matter if someone lives in it or not.

    7. An active way of life

    If you prefer a quiet day at the beach or want to play golf, there is always something for you. The warm temperatures of Florida encourage residents and visitors to enjoy an active lifestyle. Many other houses in Florida have swimming pools. But if you do not want to deal with the costs and work associated with maintaining a pool in the backyard, many communities in Florida have a pool that is open to residents of the neighborhood.

    Retiring in Florida
    And there are many lakes and rivers where you can take your grandchildren

    8. Family benefits

    Moving to Florida does not mean separating from the family and friendships that you have valued most of your life. As soon as you move to Florida, you will be amazed at how many people will want to visit you. And since Florida has many hotels, you do not need to have all of them under the same roof.

    9. Vacation benefits of retiring in Florida

    Life in Florida is like a vacation. At any time you can jump in the car and visit the beaches in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Then the world-class theme parks of Orlando, the culture of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota. Or the natural wonders of the Florida Everglades. The pace can be slow or fast as you want. But the weather will most often be wonderful.

    10. The environment that is pet-friendly

    Many cities in Florida openly welcome pets, with dog parks. Some outdoor restaurants even allow pet owners to bring their dogs. Keep in mind that dogs should never be left unattended in cars in the hot sun in Florida. And theme parks are open only for the serving animals. But with a nice backyard for playing, your pet will benefit from Florida’s beautiful weather throughout the year.

    Retiring in Florida you get the chance to completely enjoy the rest of your life

    If retirement is fast approaching and a warmer climate with lower costs, natural beauty and lots of cultural attractions sound appealing to you, then you should think about retiring in Florida. Every year, thousands of retirees discover the pleasures of living in the Sunshine State, calling Florida their second home. You can also easily be one of them. And Orange Movers will make sure that all your belongings get to your new home safely.

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