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    You have moved to Miami with Orange Movers. Your boxes are unpacked, and you have placed your furniture into your new home. Now, you are ready to begin your new life. What’s next? Will you sit in your armchair and read a good book? Will you visit one of the many beaches and take a dip in the ocean? Maybe a stroll to the Downtown Miami is just what will suit your needs. However, if you are a music lover, then this article is for you. Today, we take a look at the best live music venues in Miami.

    The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater

    A turntable - you won't see these in best live music venues in Miami.
    Music is an important part of many people’s lives.

    There is a reason why Fillmore is one of the best live music venues in Miami. It has pretty much every single thing any music lover wants! There are a huge stage and breathtaking lightning, the sound is amazing! This is also the place that hosts events that are too small for the American Airlines Arena.

    You can pick between three types of crowds – you can go to the pit in the front, be in the standing room in the middle, or – if standing isn’t really your things – you can make a reservation for the theater-style seating area in the back. As for the drinks – there are bars on both sides of the venue, so you will not need to wade through the crowds for too long no matter where you are.

    The name comes from when Jackie Gleason moved his show here. But that’s not the only thing that was filmed here – popular TV shows from the 60s called this venue their home too. There are also music poster memorabilia adorning the walls. You can see all of it by visiting 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

    Churchill’s Pub

    Past the double-decker bus stands, on 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami, you can find a pub that you need to visit in order to call yourself a Magic City resident. Churchill’s Pub might be one of the most infamous music venues in the history of Miami. Primed with beer, but also sweat and spit, the building stands tall for almost 40 years now.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, here you can find it all. Every great local jazz, rock, punk, metal and hardcore band played here. There are stages both inside and out, but also TVs (if you feel like watching sports, but not visiting sports bars in Miami), and, for those not in the mood for any of that – pool tables. The only rule here is anything goes – so your night in Churchill’s is sure to be memorable.


    A concert
    There are many venues in Miami with great live music.

    If getting rowdy, however, isn’t your thing, you can give Gramps a try. Everyone knows Miami can get very hot. That’s why the best live music venues in Miami offer a cold beer to fight this humidity and heat. Even the sign on the door of the venue is luring you in by offering air conditioning, cold beer as well as cocktails.

    But it’s not only beer that you can find at 176 NW 24th St., Miami. National acts that pass through Florida often perform in this venue. Even better, you can usually get the tickets fairly cheap! There are two stages to enjoy. Shirley’s in the backroom, where you have an intimate setting for those who love live music. The other is an outdoor stage, which is also a tiki hut. And finally, if you’re starving for something more than music, there is Brooklyn-style pizza, garlic knots as well as hot wings.

    Olympia Theater

    Admit it – you’ve always dreamed of visiting the Mediterranean. Who hasn’t? When the Miami sun starts burning hot and bright, everyone would love to dip into a sea far from here. And maybe you can’t afford to visit Greece, but you can sure take your time to pay Olympia Theater a visit.

    Right in the very downtown of Miami, at 174 E. Flagler St., Miami, there is a magical place that many don’t even know about! It’s one of the Magic City favorite locations and has been here since 1926. At first, it started as a place for all the lovers of silent movies, and it has grown into a sight to behold. There is a lovely Mediterranean courtyard, as well as the simulated night sky and golden balconies. Every visit here is a magnificent and surreal experience. It also has the historic air around it, and you should put it on your list of best live music venues in Miami today!

    Ball & Chain

    If you don’t get your history fix from the Olympia Theater, then visit Ball & Chain. The venue is a Calle Ocho landmark even since it was established in 1935. The moment you step into Little Havana (which is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for singles) you can smell the brewing coffee and feel the unique vibe. Even though a lot of tourists visit the venue, the local need to taste the Cuban flair as well! There is a wonder in every detail – from the ball-and-chain door handles to the ornate tiles – you will be amazed by the little things.

    However, it’s not just the minutiae that make Ball & Chain unique. Its calendar is often overbooked with events – which is just another reason why the place is one of the best live music venues in Miami. Here, you can experience all sorts of music – from salsa to jazz. And to top it all off, the live bands perform in a giant structure in the shape of a pineapple. What’s more, you can enjoy the spacious garden at this outdoor stage. But the Pineapple Stage is not the only one there is. The indoor stage might be a bit smaller, but here you will have the privacy of your own booth to enjoy. There is music and there are mojitos. What are you waiting for?

    Explore other live music venues in Miami

    Miami skyline
    Miami has many great live music venues.

    Just like there are endless places to find free moving boxes for your Miami move, no list of best venues in Miami can ever be fully complete. We have only managed to handpick just a few for you. You can start experiencing Miami live music here, and then move on to other venues. Miami is a huge city, and even if you don’t like something when you start, you are sure to run into the crowd that will fit you!

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