How to compare commercial moving companies

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    Finding the right moving company is never easy. You can never be too sure if the movers are right for you. With a good moving company, the whole process can be as easy as pie, while the movers who aren’t as reliable will only make your move harder. Things get even more difficult when you want to move your office. This is because not every company is well-versed in the skills of commercial moving. You also need to pay attention to different things than when you are moving your home. For example, you will need professional Miami movers who will take special care of your sensitive, IT equipment. So, how do you find the right movers for you? Well, in this article, we tell you how to compare commercial moving companies and pick the ones for you.

    What to look into when you compare commercial moving companies?

    So, how do you pick the best moving company? Well, of course, the first thing you need to do is go out and find some quality moving companies. Make sure you call them, get some estimates and talk to their representatives. You will want to gather as much information as you can about each moving company because this information will help you decide on who you will move with. Pay attention to these things:

    • the estimates companies will give you,
    • services included will help you compare commercial moving companies,
    • the company’s reviews and references can be of great help.
    A checklist.
    Make lists of company’s offers.

    These three factors will greatly inform your decision when looking for the best North Miami Beach movers. Consider them carefully in order to best fulfill your needs during the moving process. In the end, what you need out of your movers will help you decide the best, so examine your office and its needs well before calling the movers.

    Estimates will tell you a lot about the company

    The estimate you get from a moving company will paint a pretty good picture of the company itself. The thing you need to remember is not to examine just the offer – but everything that comes before it. First, pay attention to how professionally the company deals with new clients. Are they answering the phone in a professional manner? How does the estimator behave when they arrive at your office?

    How the estimator behaves will probably be the biggest tell about the moving company itself. They should be an experienced person who will want to look at everything you will be carrying over to your new office. This is pretty normal – can anyone really estimate the cost of the move without even looking at your things, or asking you about the room numbers? No, because they don’t know just how many stuff you will want to take with you.

    A man offering his hand.
    Examine how professional the estimator is.

    Finally, you will want to compare the numbers each estimator gives you. First, discard the ones that are standing out too much. Remember, finding cheap Miami Movers can often be tough. If there is a price that is lower than the others, then something is probably missing for the offer. Make a point of calling the company and asking them about what they include and about secret costs that might happen. The same really goes for the significantly higher offers. Check if they added some extra services to their move that you might not even need.

    Examine the companies’ offers when picking a mover

    Another important thing you need to examine when you compare commercial moving companies are the offers they give you. This is beneficial to your move, so you need to be well aware of what you are getting into when you sign a contract with a company. You can also use this step of picking the moving company to negotiate the price of the move. Some companies might be open to lowering the fees on some of their services, like packing or disassembling your furniture.

    However, be smart when looking into these. As we mentioned before, there can always be some secret costs included in the offer. If you keep your eyes open, this is the perfect time for you to spot these. Think about your move as a whole – which steps will it consist of? Then, compare all these steps with what is offered. This will help you see where you can count on your movers, and what you will need to do alone.

    Maybe you will need to rent a safe storage in North Miami Beach to put your things overnight, or maybe you will need to assemble the items yourself. These may seem insignificant at the start, but they will take up a lot of time. When you are moving your office, time is a valuable resource. This is why it’s important to compare commercial moving companies very carefully.

    Read the reviews

    The final thing that will inform you about the moving companies are the reviews. Visit some reliable review websites and search for your interstate movers Florida. Then, read up about them. Look into how content the customers are, and what they had trouble with. Be careful of the fraudulent movers – some figure out how to game the review system and end up with only glowing five-star reviews. If something looks too perfect to be true – it probably is.

    A woman reading reviews, ready to compare commercial moving companies.
    Read the reviews carefully.

    Another great thing you can do when you compare commercial moving companies is to get references contact information for each one. Then, call these people and ask them questions about their moving experiences. Be thorough and direct – that way you will get the most out of them. Afterward, all that’s left to do is compare all the information you have gained and pick the right movers for your office.

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