How to Move a Flat Screen TV

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    Moving can be very complicated, especially when you need to pack large and sensitive things. Some things are fragile, and if they are expensive too, then you need to pay extra attention while moving. Whether you move your room or office, you have certainly asked yourself how to move a flat screen TV? People mostly pack the TV last because it is the most complicated. You must have invited your friends to help you, but they do not have too much experience. Then you took the computer and Googled it. If you read this, you’re in the right place. With the help of our tips that we have prepared for you, you will efficiently and safely move your flat screen TV. Do not worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems to you.

    Knowing a thing or two about flat screen TV

    Maybe you did not know that, but photography helps a lot when moving. Prepare to move and ship heavy items, by taking a couple of pictures of the back of your TV and its components in the room. This can help you later while you are remounting it. You can print that photo and you can carry it with yourself while moving. After that, it is important to mark the cables. You can use painter’s tape which you can remove easily. Also, using different colored tapes can ease your work.

    For example, with red tape, you can mark the main cable of your TV. If you have something important to mention, you can put a label on tape, such as “power”, “fragile”, “main”. In order not to mix everything, it is best to use multiple boxes in which you can store cables. If your TV is attached to the wall, invite your friends to help you remove it from the mount.

    A home library with a flat screen TV.
    Is it easy to move a flat screen TV? Not by a long shot!

    Tools to help you move a flat screen TV

    You can use a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws from the wall and place them in the bag. Once you remove your TV from the mount, take a soft and dry cloth to clean all the parts along with the screen. It’s very important for it to be soft and dry so as not to scratch the screen while cleaning. When it comes to packing in boxes, if you don’t own original TV’s box, you can purchase a heavy-duty box designed for flat screen TVs.

    If you want extra protection you can put some kind of soft material or blanket in the box to protect the screen. But make sure that cloth is not directly touching the TV, and keep it upright to avoid damage. If you are moving flat screen TV with your vehicle, the backseat can be the safest place for relocating. A vehicle is sometimes the best option to arrive at your destination to the city of Miami. Of course, if you are not coming from afar.

    Conference room with a flat screen TV
    There can be no office conference room without a flat screen TV also!

    Transporting your flat screen TV

    You could probably use a helping hand here. Bring a friend to help you move your flat screen tv into the moving truck. It is better to use multiple hands to carry something of high price like a big flat screen tv. Now that it is in the moving truck place it upright between flat sturdy pieces of furniture. In case you possess two mattresses there, it is a perfect place to make sure that its safe. We do not know where are you relocating to.

    But we could provide some mild suggestions about your next place of residence. Pick a place with a view that is as good as the one you get on a big flat TV. Maybe South Florida is a place where you should move. Too much tv is not good on the eyes so it is good to have a view to distract you. Moreover, South Florida possesses breathtaking views.

    Moving companies for your big screen TV

    We are aware as much as you just how important a tv is in the household. With that in mind, we seek to provide you with some of the best Miami beach moving tips and companies. And, who better to provide you with moving tips than us? We are one of the leaders in Florida when it comes to packing and moving your belongings with great care. And that is what your flat screen tv needs. Proper care. There is no home without a tv, and you seek to relocate yours with as much care as possible. The most important factor is to hire a moving company that has understanding of how expensive household things are. And you need your eyes on the packing process to calm yourself when everything is packed how it needs to be.  

    Aerial view on houses with a view better then a flat screen TV
    Enjoy the view after moving to Florida and take your eyes off of your flat screen TV

    The moving process is stressful enough as it is without adding any additional stress. And if your household possesses some valuable and expensive stuff, great care is mandatory. Moreover, with all the chaos and stress that goes with relocation, you do not need to worry about a great household addition like a big flat screen tv. TV is a place to gather your family over the evenings. A place to bond and laugh with your family so it needs extra special care. Therefore, properly trained hands of great moving companies, like Orange Movers, are what it needs.

    All in the goal of transporting what some of you consider of the highest importance. And at the end, to move a flat screen TV is something you must do for your upcoming move. So choose your moving company well, plan ahead of everything. And once you settle in your new home you can finally relieve yourself of accumulated stress.

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