How to Get Rid of Christmas Clutter

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    Although you had a nice time with your friends and family, you are probably relieved that the holidays are over. It has been great eating, drinking and seeing people you haven’t seen in a while. But enough is enough. You can’t stand any more gingerbread cookies and all the glitter in the house. So, the time has come to finally get rid of Christmas clutter and breath again. Right before you take all the stuff back in boxes and stack them in the attic take a good look at every one of the items. Make some time for that today, and you will thank yourself the next year. Just imagine having to open fewer boxes and not feeling so overwhelmed by the clutter. That is possible, just set aside some time for the stress-free reorganization of everything. It will be worth it.

    Great ways to get rid of Christmas clutter

    Even though climates are different all over the US, that doesn’t stop people from Christmas decoration. By now, you already know how to celebrate Christmas in Florida, and that means one thing. Although there is no snow, in terms of decoration, Christmas looks almost the same everywhere. That means a lot of ornaments, garlands, twinkle lights and, of course, a beautiful Christmas tree. But, when holidays are over, you just want things to get back to normal. Festivities have to come to an end, so you can enjoy them again next year, right? So, it is very important that you get rid of Christmas clutter as soon as possible and get some rest from the holidays.

    Get rid of Christmas clutter, such as tree and ornaments
    You should get rid of Christmas clutter to make room for new things

    We can divide the decluttering process into the following:

    • throwing out,
    • re-gifting,
    • donating,
    • recycling,
    • organizing.

    There is no need to feel sad during this time. On the contrary, you should feel happy and so much lighter after you finish these tasks.

    Throwing out

    Purging is something you should be doing on a regular base. It helps you not only get rid of Christmas clutter but also to get rid of any surpluses. You should toss away the old to make room for the new things in life. And in the boxes with Christmas decoration. So, go thru every piece of decoration and fill the bag for throwing out. If it happens that you decide to move this year, you will be thankful. Even if you hire cheap Miami movers, you will save even more money if you have less stuff to relocate. So, as was told – purge will set you free and save you room and money.

    Christmas lights
    Either fix the broken light bulbs or throw them out, don’t just let them take up your space

    Do you really need those half-melted candle nubs? Unless you know how to make a new candle out of the old, used ones, you should toss them. Damaged and broken ornaments are a no-brainer, put them in the garbage bag. Just make sure to wrap them in a paper or put them in a box first. You don’t want them to rip up the garbage bag. Take a good look at all of the Christmas lights. If there are only a few broken bulbs, you can replace them. But if you have already wanted to do that three years in a row, and didn’t, you probably won’t do it now. Also, be careful with frayed wires and loose sockets. They are a potential fire hazard and you should definitely get rid of them.


    It is true that in the old times it was considered rude to re-gift presents. But, let’s face it – sometimes that is not only necessary but welcome. Why would you keep the gifts that you don’t like or need just to pile them somewhere? They take up space and it is a loss of a perfect opportunity to surprise someone with the stuff they might like. If you don’t get rid of Christmas clutter in a creative way, that is just a waste of perfectly nice presents for someone else. And before you know it, you will be typing in your browser storage North Miami Beach to find a new place for boxes. Because your attic, basement, and storage space under the stairs will all be filled up with boxes.

    Presents under the Christmas tree
    Someone could be very happy with the gift that doesn’t suit you


    Another way to purge and get rid of Christmas clutter is to donate some stuff to a thrift store or a charity organization. All the ornaments, garlands and wreaths that are not new and you can not re-gift, you should consider donating. Maybe you don’t like them anymore the way you used to a few years ago, and you can let someone else have them. If you are relocating to Florida, find out where is the nearest thrift store and make them happy with your donation. People buy used Christmas ornaments in thrift stores and make something new of them, or they like them the way they are. Whichever is the case, you can do a good deed and free some space at your place.


    The great thing about holidays is that after they pass, you are left with a lot of recycling materials. Starting with the Christmas cards. Do you really need to save every card that you ever had? Didn’t think so. Set aside the important ones, and all the others either find the way to reuse or take to the recycling center. The same goes for wrapping paper and the leftover boxes from presents that can’t be used anymore. If you had guests over, you probably have a lot of plastic and glass bottles that are begging to be recycled. Just like the boxes from delivered food and presents. So, see what of the things you can use to improve your home, and everything else you can take to the recycling center. Not only that you are going to get rid of Christmas clutter but you are also saving the Earth.

    Wrapped boxes under the tree
    Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and boxes are great for recycling


    Now that you have done everything you can to get rid of Christmas clutter, organizing will be so much easier. You made room for some new stuff that you have gotten and it will be easier to find a good place for them. All of the other parts of your Christmas decoration you can put into boxes and bags. If by any chance you don’t have enough packing supplies, order them from the Amazon, or buy in a supermarket. Remember to label them properly, so when the next year comes, you will enjoy the order and even decorating.

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