Understanding Online Quick Quotes Versus the Binding Contract With Your Moving Company

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    Understanding Online Quick Quotes Versus the Binding Contract With Your Moving Company

    Obtaining accurate moving quotes is your first step towards a stressful move. Unfortunately, there have been instances where moving companies have taken advantage of consumers, which may make you leery about hiring one for own move. However, there are genuine moving companies out there whose main objective is in helping you to relocate in an affordable and effective way.

    With the number of available moving companies, and a variety in the services they provide, it is easy to get confused. Trying to read through all of the fine print to find the best deal for your circumstance is tedious work, but worth it if you want an enjoyable and secure move without any hidden cost surprises.

    The most effective way to get an accurate moving quote starts with you finding local moving companies in Florida that are reliable and trustworthy.

    Do Some Moving Company Detective Work

    Before bothering yourself with quotes, find out some information about the moving company you are looking at. They should be fully licensed, insured and bonded, and perfectly willing to share all of that information with you. Don’t, under any circumstance, work with a moving company that is not licensed. Not only will you be putting your belongings at risk, you will most likely receive a low-ball quote that raises dramatically after the job has been done.

    If making a local move in a small city like Aventura, ask your friends and neighbors who they have worked with in the past. You will get the best idea of how movers operate by talking with people who have actually worked with them in the past.

    The Quick Online Quote

    Almost all moving companies offer a quick quote online for you to get an idea of how much your move is going to cost. It is important to keep in mind that this is just a quote, and the figure is meant to lure you in under the premise of low prices. If an estimate for your move is remarkably lower than what you were expecting, or just seems too good to be true, it probably is. If shopping around, only give your time and attention to those movers who give a quick quote that seems reasonable, but not ridiculously cheap for the service.

    When providing the information for your quote, make sure that you are consistent with each different moving company that you talk to. The quote is based not only on the distance of the move, but also on the approximate weight of your possessions. These numbers of course won’t be exact, which is why the movers are only going to be able to offer you an unbinding quote online and over the phone.

    The Binding Estimate

    There are rules governing the operations of a moving company that can help you with the quote, especially for a local move. If you are making a local move in Homestead for example, and speak with a moving company that is within 50 miles of your home, they are required to offer you an in-home estimate of the cost to move. This is the most accurate quote as the movers not only see what type of possessions you have to relocate but also any hindrances like stairs or a long walk from the door to the parking area. With this information, the moving company will be able to give you a binding estimate, guaranteeing the cost to you in most instances.

    Still, you should ask if there may be other fees that have not been included in the estimate, and have those outlined for you as well. It is always better to have money left over after you get your moving bill than to come up short because an unexpected cost arose at the house you are moving into.

    While a binding quote is a contract between you and the movers that outlines the cost, don’t take this to mean that once signed, you can start adding pieces of furniture or other items and not be charged for moving them. The moving company does have the right to reevaluate the binding quote if on moving day it appears like there are more items than what was originally settled on. If the price were to increase by 10%, then the moving company is in their rights to change the agreement to reflect the added belongings.

    Write Down All Your Questions and Concerns

    Before the in-home estimate is given, make sure to write down any questions to ask the expert mover. This might include how they are going to get something large out of your home, how many movers will be on hand that day, the dimensions of the truck they are using and what other services are standard with the quote given. Local moves with Orange Movers come with certain freebies and incentives as a part of the contract, so make sure to ask what you’ll be getting with yours.

    Even with a binding quote, remember to have a little bit more on the side to cover not just an unexpected fee, but also tips for the moving crew. This will help to ensure that the cost of your local move in Florida doesn’t leave you with an empty wallet afterwards.

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