5 Ways to Simplify a Move

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    5 Ways to Simplify a Move

    You’ve heard the phrase “keep it simple,” offered as advice for coping with complicated situations, but somehow, it doesn’t seem to apply to a move. Is there any way to keep a move to a new home simple? While you won’t find an app that’ll pack your boxes for you or a technology that teleports you to your new home (now that’s a great business idea!), there are ways to simplify a move so that’s it’s easier on you and your family. Here are a few tips.

    • Outsource whenever possible. Look at your list of to-dos before your move. Is there anything that you can hire someone to do for you? Things like deep cleaning the house, repainting a wall, or mowing the grass after you packed the garage are all good candidates for a helping hand.
    • Hire a quality moving company. Good movers will do more than just show up at your door on moving day to haul your boxes. They can be a resource for logistical planning (especially if you’re moving long-distance), helping you pack, and offering advice on organizing and planning a timeline for your move.
    • Download moving apps. While that box-packing app we mentioned above doesn’t quite exist yet, there are plenty of others available that can help your do everything from research moving companies, to keep track of what’s packed in which box, create and manage a to-do list, and more. Check out our list of the best moving apps for a great place to start.
    • Don’t move what you don’t need. Our rule: If you don’t use it, don’t move it. Anything you haven’t used in a year should be sold, tossed, or donated. Can’t bear to part with your grandmother’s china? Consider renting a storage unit instead — a full-service storage company will pick up and store anything you don’t need in your new home.
    • Check your calendar. Before you schedule your move, look at your calendar for the month to make sure you don’t accidentally double book your move for the day after you volunteered to host a team dinner for your son’s soccer team, or on the same weekend as your niece’s wedding. Weeding out potential conflict early will free up your schedule to focus on your move.

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