Tips To Be a Smart Mover

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    Tips To Be a Smart Mover

    Moving or relocating is overwhelming and even when you hire a moving company, you need to plan out your move in such a way that the entire process is quick, risk-free, and affordable.

    Call a Moving Company

    If you want your move to be hassle-free, call a professional and reliable company that you can place trust in.

    Be Honest

    Don’t try to get a lower moving cost by keeping off items from the list you provide to the movers. Honestly listing all the items that you want relocated gives movers a chance to give you an up-front moving cost, saving you from financial stress in the end.

    Clear Drawers

    Clear all drawers so that movers are able pack and load your stuff into their truck without any issues. Heavy drawers increase the weight of the items being moved, adding to the total moving costs.

    No Flamable Items

    Packing flammable items increase the risk of hazards for the movers. Therefore, avoid packing things like fireworks, pesticides, fluids, etc, to prevent delays in the moving process.

    Unbolt Furniture

    Although many moving companies offer complete packing services, it is better to unbolt the furniture to reduce the workload. This is a great way to speed-up the packing process and save money by leaving fewer tasks for the professionals.

    Time Your Move

    Time your move in such a way that movers are able to relocate your stuff without facing traffic and weather issues. Moving rates are at peak during certain months of the year. So, choose the off-season to save costs.

    Design a Floor Plan

    Providing them with a floor plan will help movers with the placement of your items in their respective places. This is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent and the hassle caused during unpacking, and shifting. Get rid of the burden of managing multiple tasks by giving Orange Movers a call and your entire move will be taken care of.

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