The coolest streets to visit in Miami

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    Miami may be one of the most interesting cities in the United States – and there are many reasons for that. It’s not by mere accident that the city is one of the most recognized American metro areas. The southern part of the city is quite diverse, with many cultures influencing both the architecture and the people living here, and Miami (as well as Florida real estate) is one of the best representations fo this. Just take a stroll down one of its streets, and you will see for yourself! There are so many sounds, smells, and amazing things to behold! After moving to Miami, you might be impatient to experience it all at once. This is why in this article, we give you a list of the coolest streets to visit in Miami.

    Calle Ocho is probably the most famous street in Miami

    Calle Ocho goes by many names – the Tamiami Trail or SW 8th Street are only two of them. However, most people will simply know it as Calle Ocho (literally meaning 8th street). This part of Little Havana served as a hub for Cuban immigrants as far as 1960. Today, it is brimming with life and Cuban culture.

    A woman dressed for a carnival.
    This is the home to Carnival Miami.

    Just take a stroll down the lane. You will run into amazing Cuban food (we recommend Cuban sandwich or medianoche) and drink coffee in ventanitas. You will also hear great music on every corner. While here, get to the Maximo Gomez Park. The park which many knows simply as Domina Park serves as a meeting ground for Cuban veterans. The men have been spending their afternoons playing dominos here for decades. Finally, enjoy a play in the Tower Theater.

    When March comes, Calle Ocho transforms for its one-day fiesta called Calle Ocho Festival, right before Carnival Miami. Although it takes place from the SW 8th Street to 27th Avenue, the festival gets its name from the Little Havana’s most famous street.

    You can’t visit Miami without going to the Ocean Drive

    If you are a fan of nightlife, then right after the long distance movers Miami have dropped you to your door, you might head to the Ocean Drive. This South Beach streets goes right along the Miami Beach and is worth the visit both during the day and during the night.

    Palms and street art - like in the coolest streets to visit in Miami.
    You will see a lot of street art and palm in Miami’s streets.

    At day, you can admire the pastel colors of the Art Deco buildings while strolling between the palm trees. If you are a fan of vintage cars, then this is also the place to be in Miami. When your friends come by asking you to show them Miami Vice (and see where your professional Miami movers have taken you) – this is where you will take them and they will see why Ocean Drive is one of the coolest streets to visit in Miami.

    At night, the whole place transforms. You can have a night of salsa dancing and drinking, but also enjoy the freshness of the sea. The party can go on until 5 a.m. and there is a plethora of bars and clubs for you to choose from. And go further into Collins Avenue, where you can find some of the most famous hotels in Miami history, as well as the most infamous nightclubs, too.

    What makes Miracle Mile one of the coolest streets to visit in Miami?

    There are so many things to see in the Miracle Mile, and this makes it one of the coolest streets to visit in Miami. The area in Coral Gables is pedestrian friendly – so you can walk everywhere. Take an afternoon to watch a play at the Actor’s Playhouse or visit the historic Colonnade Building. There are also a lot of stores and shops where you can spend your money. Once you tire, there are even more quaint little restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy.

    George Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables, chose Miracle Mile to be the center of the neighborhood. That’s why it is here that you can also find the Coral Gables City Hall, just on Le Jeune Road, as well as catch the trolley. Even though the mile’s Streetscape is trying to add a French feel to the place, the buildings still hold the Mediterranean style. They were built in the early 20th century and haven’t changed much since. This makes Miracle Mile one of the coolest streets to visit in Miami.

    Shop until you drop at the Lincoln Road

    After you are done shopping on Lincoln Road, you might need to search for a storage Miami to put all those things in. This outdoor mall has so many shops and restaurants you can pick from. Most of the major vendors will have a shop set up here – whether it’s electronics or fashion. If you ever get tired from it all, hit a rooftop restaurant and enjoy amazing views of Miami Beach and a nice meal.

    Women sitting with shopping bags.
    There are so many places to shop in Miami!

    And even if you are not a fan of shopping, there are other things you can do here too! You can participate in a lot of events here – not only street performances but the New World Center ones as well! And for theater geeks, there is the lovely Colony Theater, too. Just like other parts of Miami Beach, the once mangrove forest now serves for a pedestrian spot with rows of palm trees, and so many things to do and see!

    Flagler Street waits for you in Downtown Miami

    Maybe you have moved to Miami from somewhere closer, with professional local movers Miami. Maybe you already know a lot of these streets and have seen these amazing sights. Or maybe you have just been running around the city, taking everything in. Whatever it is, you might feel a little tired of Miami. Well, then you know it’s time to visit Flagler Street!

    The place looks like nothing in the city. This is what probably makes it one of the coolest streets to visit in Miami. The brick buildings and The Olympia Theater make sure of it! This is the place for all history buffs. Just take a short stroll down the street. You will notice how much the architecture style has changed through Miami’s history. This street will also give you a welcome respite, and more energy and motivation to keep exploring the beautiful metropolis that is Miami.

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