5 Common Office Move Mistakes

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    Ask any business owner and they will tell you – moving your office is a lot of work. First, a lot of preparations and talking things over needs to happen. Then, you figure out what you will do with your equipment and documents. Do you sell your stuff? Do you move it with to your new office? Will you need some cheap storage Miami Beach to keep your documents in? Then, you need to figure out what movers to call. Packing stuff happens after that, and then the move you have been waiting for. But, what happens when something goes wrong? Well, in order to stop that, you will need some proper and thorough planning. In order to help you, we present five common office move mistakes. Know these, and you will be able to spot them (and avoid them) with ease during your move!

    Not finding the right company might be the biggest of office move mistakes

    A lot of people make one of the biggest office move mistakes – and think they can do it alone. There are many reasons why this happens. Usually, it is because people think it will be cheaper. Then, they also believe they can use their workers for it. Both of these are wrong because of the many things that can go awry during a DIY move.

    A group fist bumping while avoiding office move mistakes.
    Get the team ready for the office move.

    First, your workers are not professional movers. They do not have experience when packing and lifting heavy items. There is a huge risk of injury when you are doing a move this way. And since you are their employer – you will be responsible for their recovery. What this means is the huge insurance bills, and then having people on your payroll who are on bed rest. When you calculate the difference in money you are losing that way and the one you are spending on long distance movers Miami, the choice becomes clear.

    Then, you do not have the proper equipment to both pack and lift heavy equipment. Usually, offices have huge IT items, which need proper care and experience. Professional movers have both – and will easily deal with all your challenging items. Finally, because of movers’ experience, they will be careful not to disturb your workflow. You can still do your daily tasks even with your office on the move – because you are not the one transporting the items yourself.

    Declutter before you move your office to Miami

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving your office is not starting with a clean slate. Since you are getting a new location, why not simply start fresh with everything? First, you probably have an office or a storeroom filled with things that you don’t need. There might be some extra furniture or equipment there no one is using. This is the perfect time to go through your office and declutter, then donate office equipment you don’t need. Not only will this save you money during the move – but it will also save you space after it.

    Also, you should not pay for your workers’ personal items. Instead, have them pack everything in a box, and move it home. They can bring it to their new office themselves. This, again, saves you money, but it also forces your workers to declutter their own work spaces. Having everyone start fresh in the new space is always great.

    Use correct equipment when moving office

    There are many office move mistakes, but there is one you can correct at the very beginning. You should always use proper equipment when moving. You can easily fix this by getting a professional moving company to help you. However, you might opt to get the moving boxes yourself. This is where things start to get interesting.

    In order to pack your office with ease, you might think you should only be using huge boxes. Then, you can just put everything in a couple of them, and have it easy, right? Well, just take a moment to think about what happens when you try to lift the said box. You might need more than a whole office to lift one, right? This is why you should not only pack efficiently – but pack smart.

    A forklift.
    Use correct equipment to carry your items.

    Always fill big boxes only halfway. They might store a lot of things, but they can get pretty heavy easily too. And in order to stop this from happening, you should get a variety of boxes for your office. And lucky for you, there are many ways in which you can get free moving boxes online!

    Label all your boxes correctly

    Not labeling boxes is another one of the office move mistakes that seem tiny and you can easily correct, but can take up a lot of time if you make it. Whatever is in the box, you need to make sure the movers know where it goes. This is especially important when you are working with a large company. Your employers will not want their things mixing up with someone else’s. So, in order to have everything in order, write the name of the person the items belong to, as well as the room the box needs to finish at. This way, unpacking will be child’s play.

    People in a meeting.
    Hold meetings to inform your important clients about the move.

    Keep your clients informed

    In all of the fuss and buzz of the office move, while you are searching for affordable office space in Miami or packing your supplies, you can easily forget about your clients. Try not to make this yet another one of the office move mistakes. Have a team of employers contact each of your clients and inform them you are moving offices. If you are working with vendors, they will need to know your new address. If there are important customers, make a meeting with them to talk through the new logistics. This will make your clients feel appreciated, and your business will only gain new clientele with the new location.

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