Affordable cities in South Florida

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    Affordable cities in South Florida

    Relocating to South Florida includes finding affordable cities in South Florida. South Florida attracts many people who want to come and live here, no matter they are seniors or young professionals, families or singles. If you want to live here and find your happiness in affordable cities in South Florida we bring you a guide. So, good luck finding your perfect place to live.

    Affordable cities in South Florida

    We bring you affordable cities in South Florida based on rankings from the U.S. Census Bureau and South Florida Business Journal. These rankings are based on statistics like crime stats, public schools, cost of living and job opportunities. So, we made one list of the affordable housing with quality elementary schools in South Florida. Read it, before packing and moving to Florida.

    Miami Gardens

    If you want to live in the suburban city, Miami Gardens is a place for you, located in north-central Miami-Dade County, Florida. The city got its name from one of the major roadways in the area, Miami Gardens Drive. This city has a population of 109,680. Miami Gardens has great health care with famous clinics and facilities which can support its residents.

    Miami Gardens is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area, but you also need to be aware that is not the safest area. Crime statistics in Miami Gardens have decreased in the past 7 years. The most decreased are property crimes and violent crimes.

    Delray Beach

    Delray Beach can give you beautiful public beaches and downtown full of restaurants and great nightlife. This beachfront town is funky and arty and great city for shopping and dining in famous restaurants. The climate in this affordable city in South Florida is subtropical and the most of year is warm, with little of cold fronts from November to March. So, this city can be especially attractive for those who are moving from Canada to South Florida and want to change the climate and live in the warm city.

    Delray Beach can give you beautiful public beaches and canals running through the city.
    Delray Beach – one of the affordable cities in South Florida

    Doral – one of the affordable cities in South Florida

    Doral is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is just one mile from Miami International Airport and thirteen miles from Downtown Miami. Doral has resolutions and regulations under the Mayor-Council-Manager form of government. Everything from City Manager, City Clerk, and City Attorney is under the Council.

    In Doral, you can find many shops, financial institutions, and businesses. And most of all, this city is a famous place for importers and exporters, because of its proximity to the airport. Doral is one of the best cities for business advantages. Here are over 10,000 businesses, because Doral attracts various businesses.

    Hollywood in South Florida

    If you want to live in Hollywood but an affordable one, then you should consider hiring Miami movers and start packing for your relocation to one of the affordable cities in South Florida.

    Hollywood is a coastal city in Florida, located between the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It has a population of 146,000 people. If you want to live in a small city and to avoid the noise of the big cities in the area, Hollywood is the place for you and your family. In Hollywood, you can enjoy beautiful beaches but also in downtown, you can eat in great restaurants, shop in many shops, and walk in the park rich with nature. If your dream is to live in an affordable house in an area with small business, then Hollywood is the right place.

    Hollywood has clean, excellent beach with its “Broadwalk” pedestrian path. So, here you can find and enjoy oceanfront shopping, dining, entertainment, a running path and a biking path. It sounds like a great place to live, right? To live in the restored historic 1930’s in downtown Hollywood where you can also visit and see great art galleries.

    Feel the beach sand beneath your feet and relocate to one of the affordable cities in South Florida - Hollywood
    Hollywood is the place for you and your family.

    Places to visit in Hollywood

    If you decide to move to Hollywood, don’t forget to visit the beach at Sheridan Street. Here you can really enjoy silence and sunbath on the least crowded beaches in the South Florida area. Also, on the list of places you can see in Hollywood is Topeekeegee Yugnee Park. Here you can walk around the lake, visit recreational facilities, a public pool, water park, and campground hookups.

    All around the Boardwalk in Hollywood you can taste very tasty food including inexpensive pizza with a large beer. The meals in Hollywood are very reasonably priced, that is one of the reasons why this city is one of the most affordable cities in South Florida. Imagine life in the city with tasty cheap food and ice cream in restaurants with live performances from traditional bands.

    Hollywood is a relatively safe city. So, you do not have to worry too much about problems and crimes.


    Homestead is a city between National Park to the east and Everglades National Park to the west in Miami-Dade County. This major agricultural area is a Miami suburb. Its location is approximately 35 miles southwest of Miami. First, this place was a construction camp, and engineers give the name Homestead. Because they marked this area with construction materials and supplies. Homestead-Florida City area has notable unincorporated communities Redland, Leisure City, Naranja, and Princeton.

    So, where ever you decide to live in South Florida, you can choose from different places and affordable cities. Before you pack your things and decide to relocate to South Florida, you need to choose the best place that suits you both for finances and for lifestyle. That’s why we brought you a guide for the most affordable cities in South Florida that also have other advantages. You only need to choose to depend on whether you live alone or with your family.

    Find the best place that fits your needs on the South Florida coastline.
    Choose between the most affordable cities in South Florida

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