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    When To Hire Movers

    How Many Months in Advance Should You Hire a Moving Service?

    Moving isn’t something that usually happens spontaneously. There’s typically a lot of forethought, consideration, and planning involved with packing up your life in one place and moving to another, usually starting months in advance of the actual move date. So why, then, do so many people find themselves frantically searching for a moving service to help get them from point A to point B? It’s because they’re waiting too long to hire movers. You should start researching and getting quotes from moving companies at least a month before your move date, but some cases warrant an even earlier search, for example:

    1. Moving during busy season. If you’re moving in Florida in July or August, you’re not alone. The summer months are considered busy season for moving, which means you’ll face stiffer competition for finding a moving service that is available on the time and date you need than you would at other times of the year. If you’re planning a move this summer, think about starting your search for a moving company as soon as you know your move date, up to two or three months in advance.
    2. Moving on the first of the month. Like moving during busy season, a move on or near the first of the month will mean higher-demand for moving companies, since this is the most popular time for new lease terms to begin. Because moving services are likely to book up quickly on weekends around the beginning of the month, it’s important to make a reservation early if you need to move on a peak weekend.
    3. Moving a large home. The more rooms you have to move, the more movers, trucks, and time your job will typically take. To ensure you find a moving company that has the extra staff and resources you’ll need on the date you need them, it’s a good idea to begin researching moving companies up to eight weeks in advance of your move date.
    4. Moving far away. Long-distance moves require more logistical planning than local moves–your moving company often relies on freight or carrier services to complete the transit leg of your move, for example–so if you’re moving out of the state of Florida, you’ll want to begin the search for a moving company early in order to give them enough time to properly plan.

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