3 Steps for Getting Rid of Junk Before a Move

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    3 Steps for Getting Rid of Junk Before a Move

    There’s nothing quite like a move to force you to take inventory of the things you own–and the junk you’ve collected over the years. Faced with boxing up every last promotional nicknack, vacation souvenir, old sweater and hand-me-down piece of furniture you’ve ever owned has a strange way of making you re-evaluate what’s actually worth packing up, hauling to a new place, and unpacking. Here, a few tips to help you decide what to part with (which will make your moving process so. much. more. simple.)

    1. Put it to the use test. This one is a classic litmus test for the stuff you accumulate: Have you used it, worn it, or taken it out in the last year? If the answer is no then there’s absolutely no reason to keep it, because chances are near certain you won’t actually use it in your new place, either.
    2. Decide what to do with it. Once you have a good idea of what you’re moving and what you’re getting rid of, divide your things by three criteria. If something is broken, worn out, or damaged, throw it away. If it’s in good condition and useful, but you just don’t use it, then donate it. If you think something has value–like antiques, old cell phones or electronics, or anything that’s brand-new or like new, try hosting a yard sale, or selling it on e-bay or with a consignment shop.
    3. Save it for later. If you come across something you know you won’t use in your new apartment, but for circumstantial reasons–say your new place has a small living room that can’t accommodate your large leather sofa, or you’re a skier living in Miami and you can’t see yourself making a trip to the mountains this year–but you know you’ll want these things in the future, consider putting them in a storage unit if it will be less expensive than replacing the items in question.

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