What’s to know before moving to Coral Gables

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    What’s to know before moving to Coral Gables

    Your decision to move to the Sunshine State might be one of the best decisions of your life. Relocating to Florida comes with the perks of great weather and even better beaches. It’s got a laid-back vibe that is simply enticing. No matter how stressed you arrive in Florida, a few days of cocktails in the sun will work their magic. And you will become carefree as the locals. If you have experienced this first hand on your vacations, it comes as no surprise you’d want to make Florida your permanent home. If you don’t know where to settle with your family, consider moving to Coral Gables.

    What to consider before moving to Coral Gables

    Coral Gables is a city in the Miami Dade County, built in the 1920s. Its founder was a wealthy man, called George Merrick, who created a lovely city to suit his needs. The city preserved much of its original features and adopted a few new ones, justifying its nickname the City Beautiful. Here are a few things we think you should consider before moving to Coral Gables:

    • the weather
    • safety of the neighborhoods
    • real estate market
    • opportunities for education
    • outdoor activities
    • available jobs

    What kind of weather to expect if you move to Coral Gables

    It sounds a bit like a rhetorical question. With a daily mean temperature of with 77 degrees all year round, you can safely say that the weather is pleasant in Coral Gables. Average temperatures in the winter don’t fall below 68 degrees and in the summer they usually don’t go above 90 degrees. It gets a fair amount of rain, almost 10 inches during June and August. But on the other hand, it never snows in Coral Gables. If your goal is to wear flip-flops around the year, then moving to Coral Gables is what you should do.

    Coral Gables has safe neighborhoods

    Apart from being stunningly beautiful, the streets of Coral Gables are safe. The city has a low crime rate and it is ideal for families with kids. You can let your little ones play on the street without worrying about their safety. It is actually one of the safest neighborhoods in the Miami area. And it safer than 44% of other US cities. This is probably due to a low key night scene.

    Coral Gables real estate market

    A door with a key in it.
    There are many different types of real estate available in Coral Gables.

    If you can imagine yourself living in a one-floor house on a tree-lined street than you can imagine yourself living in Coral Gables. Coral Gables real estate market offers various properties. There are vacation homes, condos, apartments, villas, one and two-floor homes, and lake homes to choose from. You can check out the listings here and select what suits you best. But you should know that real estate prices for a family home in Coral Gables start at 500k and go up quite high, depending on the type of home.

    Opportunites for education in Coral Gables

    This charming city is the home to the University of Miami. This upstanding higher education institution is among top 50 best universities in the country. It has a campus of 239 acres and it enrolls almost 11,000 students each year. If the proximity to a big university seems like a threat to the peacefulness of the area, we can reassure you. The students attend lessons in Coral Gables, but they seek fun times during the night in South Miami.

    As for primary and secondary education opportunities, you can count on good schools in Coral Gables. Both public and private school students from Coral Gables score well on tests. To be precise, their score is 7% better than the national average which is a testimony to the quality of education imparted in Coral Gables.

    Outdoor activities

    Moving to Coral Gables means being able to enjoy many outdoor activities. With such great weather and proximity to the beach, how could you stay in, anyway? So, what outdoor activities could you engage in:

    A man swimming in a pool after moving to Coral Gables.
    Coral Gables is the home to one of the best public pools in the country.
    • The Venetian Pool – one of the biggest attractions of the city is a 1920s Venetian Pool. It was built in a rock quarry by the city’s founder, George Merrick. It boasts a beautiful waterfall and it is actually filled with spring water. It’s truly a unique public pool. Plus, locals get a discount on the entrance fee.
    • Fairchild Tropical Garden – if you want to spend a peaceful afternoon outdoors, there’s no better place in Coral Gables than the Fairchild Tropical Garden. Stretching out 83 acres, the garden is a home to numerous rare tropical plants.
    • Old Cutler Trail – walk, run or cycle along the Old Cutler Trail under lush trees for 11 miles.
    • City Parks – the city offers an abundance of parks where one can enjoy the nature or engage in recreational activities.
    • Golf Courses – there are numerous golf courses in the city where you can practice your putting skills.
    • Good time at the beach – if you want to improve your tan or just hang out by the water, just head to the nearest beach.

    Available jobs

    Moving to Coral Gables is a smart move if you work in the financial sector.
    There are plenty of jobs in the financial sector.

    With an unemployment rate of just 4.6% (the national average is 5.2%), you could easily find a job in the area. With a median household income of $93,590, you can say that the economy is good in the city. This number is almost double the national household income of $53,482. Should you relocate to Coral Gables, you have the best chances for employment in finance and insurance, as well as education and medical sector. Retail is another way to go since there are many shops in the city.

    When you consider all these factors, all that’s left to do is find the right movers in South Florida. Maybe your heart is set on Florida, but you prefer another city, maybe you are thinking about moving to Tampa. Eather way, we are sure you’ll love the Sunshine State.

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