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If you found yourself on this page, you’re most likely in the process of searching for affordable and reliable South Florida moving and storage. Furthermore, you might as well be exploring different options when it comes to storage facilities alone in South Florida. If that is the case, you have come to the right place! Orange Movers is a moving company that can help you in both of the above-mentioned cases. However, this is not the only field in which we specialize. Therefore, get your pen, grab the notes and read carefully. Now that you’re here, you should bear in mind that we’re here to support you all the way. If you need any additional help, you can always contact us! Treat your move in the right way and let the experienced Miami movers help you with relocating to Sunshine state.

Lifeguard beach house
South Florida movers are ready to take you to amazing places like this one!


Before you start moving to South Florida you need to know the details about your relocation. Where exactly do you want to go? How many things do you have that need moving? When do you wish to move to South Florida? Deciding when are you going to move to South Florida isn’t always easy. When you have found out all of that, you can approach South Florida moving and storage professionals and ask for an estimate. 

It is very important to hire a South Florida moving and storage company that is indeed going to be trustworthy.

You should be looking for South Florida moving companies that leave the impression of reliable professionals from the very first point of contact. This means that they should be professional, cordial, not too informal or too relaxed. Most importantly, they need to inspire confidence that they will be capable of performing the job itself. They should be credible and respectable representatives of  South Florida moving and storage industry. And they should also know the area very well.


What we talked about in the previous section is exactly what you are going to find in Orange Movers. We take great pride in the way that we conduct our business. All of the staff here at Orange have gone through thorough training not only in the core of the moving business such as local and long distance moving, transportation, and items’ handling but in customer service and relocation planning as well. By hiring the best South Florida moving and storage professionals such as Orange Movers, you will, in fact, be investing in the safety of your items and ensuring timely completion of the whole moving process.


Although you might feel like you would do a better job yourself, a local relocation South Florida isn’t the process where you should try to prove this. After all, what are you going to do in the case that you should fail? Get the professionals to help you out. However, by this time you will have lost time and money. Therefore, you should not gamble with such high stakes.

Hiring a quality South Florida moving and storage company means that you will work with someone who not only has the experience but the manpower and necessary tools for the job. You will be care-free. Most importantly, you would be sure that your things are getting the care they need and deserve. Ultimately, hiring top South Florida moving and storage professionals will ensure that your involvement in the moving process is minimal. Therefore, let the South Florida moving professionals take care of this one.

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Use the best in every situation and enjoy your move


Over 40 million moves take place in one year in the United States of America. We live in a digital time and most of us don’t stay too long in the same place. That means that the moving industry is constantly vibrant. However, not all of the moving companies are credible. There are signs that could point out that you are dealing with someone that isn’t trustworthy:

  • The first thing that you should bear in mind is that you should make sure to work only with the licensed, bonded and insured moving companies. Ask your potential movers for proof. If they have them, they will surely who them to you. Orange Movers is one such moving company.
  • Make sure you get a few moving estimates. Compare them in order to find the best one for you. Some moving companies may try to trick you into hiring them thanks to their low cost or quality. You might end up getting more than you bargained for. Therefore, before you get along with this, make sure to find out how to get an accurate moving estimate Florida.
  • Hire professional movers through referrals.

Orange Movers as the most reliable South Florida moving and storage professionals

Orange Movers is a moving company that has spent years providing our customers with high-quality end-to-end moving solutions. Thanks to this hard work of our associates, we are happy to point out that we are nowadays, one of the best South Florida moving and storage companies you will be able to come by. Given the fact that it has taken us such hard work and a long time to build the reputation that we have today, it would be pretty foolish to gamble with it. Therefore, we can proudly say that hiring Orange Movers is going to be one of the best moving decisions that you are going to make. Therefore, let us sweep you off of our feet with the immaculate moving service of ours.

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Choosing the best South Florida moving company will benefit your relocation significantly


Renting storage space is a very useful path to follow. Depending on your needs, there are going to be different options for storage space available to you. But first, let us take a look at why the best South Florida moving and storage company, Orange Movers, should be the storage providers that you should opt for.

Deciding on the size of your storage unit is going to be the most important information in pricing the storage space that you will be looking for. Therefore, it is very important to be sure about how many items you are going to need to store during the move.

Miami skyline - get the best out of your South Florida move
Moving is exhausting but in the end, if this is the view, it was all worth it!

No matter how big or small storage space in Florida you may be looking to get, Orange Movers as South Florida moving and storage providers will there to help you out. All of our storage units are safe and secured. Video surveillance installed is one of the reasons why we have never had to deal with break-ins. Furthermore, our storage units are air-conditioned and easily accessible. Therefore, give us a call today and let’s find out what storage unit we should reserve for you.


When it comes to moving to South Florida, you need to have a couple of things in mind. Moving is exhausting and stressful. It often requires a lot of time and energy. It may leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. Some days it might seem like the whole relocation simply isn’t worth it. But don’t give up! Orange Movers can help you with any of your South Florida moving and storage needs

The first thing you need to know is that you will need to do a lot of planning. Therefore, your moving plan for South Florida relocation should include:

  • Consulting your calendar and making a detailed timeline of the move
  • Delegating responsibilities and creating a budget. Although moving is expensive there are still ways you could move on a budget to Florida.
  • Choosing the best South Florida movers for your relocation
  • Organizing your packing and cleaning your apartment before the relocation
  • Unpacking your belongings and decorating your new home

South Florida movers can move you into a mansion
When you choose your dream house, choose the best South Florida moving company!


Although you might dread planning and you believe that everything should be handled as it comes, hiring South Florida moving and storage professionals should be done in a timely manner. Relocations are difficult and problematic as it is. Not being ready for those problems is too risky. Your South Florida move could turn out to be much harder than it should be. Nobody wants that. Knowing how to plan for a move will help you tremendously.


The Sunshine State is the most desirable state for many to live in. Americans, as well as foreigners, all over the world and of different age and background, dream about the relocation to South Florida. We already know that you’re one of them, but how much do you really know about South Florida?

South Florida is one of the parts of the country with the most amazing nature. Given the fact that it is the Sunshine State that we are talking about, you will not be surprised that the weather is great throughout the year. Therefore, beach life is something that basically never dies out around here. However, what people, in general, fail to forget is that Florida has a lot to offer in other terms as well.

One thing to know before moving to South Florida is that it is very different than the north part of the country. Sometimes it even feels like it´s an entirely different state. This southernmost part of the USA. Miami is the southernmost major metropolitan city in the 48 contiguous states is famous for the influence of Latin America and the Carribean. It’s also very vulnerable to changes in climates and often suffers from hurricanes and rising sea levels.

A different kind of nature

In the case that you are looking to get to experience a different kind of natural wonders here in South Florida, you should not forget about the ease of access to the Everglades that you will have by relocating here with South Florida moving and storage. 

In terms of living, Florida has a lot to offer too. One of the most important characteristics that you should know of before moving here is the fact that Florida has no state income tax. Therefore, no matter whether you are employed or you may be retired, you are going to keep more earnings to yourself than what you could do elsewhere.

The general prejudice about Florida

There are many prejudices about Florida in general. This is something you should consider before you calculate your moving estimate online and decide to move to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm or basically any other city in South Florida.

One of the prejudices that we can unearth is that the partying goes on everywhere. The southern part of the Sunshine State may be famous for partying. But that isn´t the only, nor the most important thing about it. There are also a lot of relocated senior citizens Florida that have chosen to spend their retirements here. They’ve decided to move to peaceful places in the south of Florida for the weather and natural beauty. It is true that this part of the country is somewhere in between the wild parties and senior citizens long walks. And you will love every bit of it!


Getting in touch with reliable South Florida moving and storage companies is going to prove instrumental in conducting a quick and easy move to this wonderful part of our country. Orange Movers are one of the most trustworthy moving companies that you will encounter in your life. We are skilled at moving to and out of South Florida. Plus, in the case that you are going to need help with local moving, who better to call for help than the local movers? Therefore, contact your long distance movers Florida today and schedule your free moving estimate ASAP!