What is Moving to Florida Really Like?

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    What is Moving to Florida Really Like?

    Thousands of people of all ages are flocking to Florida each year. The clean beaches, vibrant cities and addictive theme parks make this state one of the most popular for tourists. The ambient climate and progressive tax system also make this a popular destination for relocation. If you’ve developed the urge to call Florida your new home, you should follow that instinct. The sunshine state is loaded with benefits for residents of all types.

    Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

    Before you start packing up your kitchen wares to move in Florida, familiarize yourself with these tips to make the move more efficient and cost effective:

    • The best time to move in Florida is in the summer. This may go against what most professionals will tell you, but in Florida you will find less traffic during the summer months. The ambient climate actually brings heavier tourism during the winter months, when people are looking to escape from the snow.
    • Don’t throw out your blankets and sweaters just yet. Florida may be known for its warm weather, but it can still get chilly in the night. Resist the urge to give away all of your winter wear, or else you’ll end up buying more in the fall and winter.
    • Do pack sunscreen and bug spray in an easily accessible box or bag. These items are likely to be needed the second your moving truck crosses the state line.
    • Talk with the building manager before choosing a move in date. If you are moving into an apartment complex in one of the larger cities like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you’ll want to make sure that there will be ample parking for the moving van, and an elevator available to bring your possessions upstairs. The building manager can help in reserving both of these for you if you give them advance notice of your arrival.
    • Work with a moving company in Florida. Knowing the area you are moving to in Florida will be invaluable, especially in terms of time. A local moving company in Florida will know how to beat the traffic rush and any special parking accommodations you might need. They will also be able to direct you to the best place to buy a pizza if you don’t feel like cooking on your first night in the new home.
    • Check your insurance policies before the move. Some homeowner policies will have provisions for protecting your possessions while in transit. If not, you will want to make sure that you are covered completely by the moving company.

    Long distance moving means a major change, not just in your home, but in your entire way of life. Florida is a warm and welcoming state, perfect for starting over in a new home.

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