Tips for Getting Your Electronics Moved In Without the Risk of Burning Out

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    Tips for Getting Your Electronics Moved In Without the Risk of Burning Out

    When moving in Southern Florida you will find that different belongings require different care when packing. Your electronic equipment is one set of possessions that can easily be broken if not handled correctly. Make sure that your PC, HDTV, and USBs are all safe and sound by following these tips for packing and transport:

    Take Pictures First

    If you have media equipment that is connected to multiple items, it is a good idea to snap a few photos of all the wires while they are still connected. This will help you later on when you’re trying to remember which cable goes to the satellite box and which was running to the DVD player.

    Break Them Down as Much as Possible

    Before you start packing your computer and other media equipment, break it down to its bare bones. Remove any CDs and memory sticks and put them to the side. Also disconnect all of the various parts, such as the mouse and keyboard. This will prevent possible damage to the ports when transporting these items.

    Take Apart the Cords

    The trick in disconnecting your electronics lies in keeping the cords together. Use Ziploc bags to hold all of the wires and cords for each separate piece. You could even attach a small sticker to each individual one for further identification if you need to. Longer cords can be coiled and then secured using a simple twist tie.

    Each individual Ziploc bag can then be packed in with the corresponding piece of electronical equipment, or attached to it if it is not going to be boxed. For cords that cannot be removed, such as the power for your HDTV, wrap it around the base as tight as possible and then further secure it with moving tape or a heavy duty rubber band.

    The Packing Boxes

    The likelihood that you have saved the original boxes for your electronic equipment is slim to none, so you will need to find cartons for most of it. Look for sturdy boxes that are double walled and only slightly larger than the piece of equipment. Avoid trying to save money with bigger boxes to hold multiple pieces. These are delicate items that you don’t want to have butting against one another during transport.

    In addition to the boxes, you are going to need foam popcorn or anti-static bubble wrap to cushion the equipment. Each box should be packed so that the piece inside has no room to slide or move. Seal it with packing tape and then label it as being fragile.

    Pieces that do not fit inside of a box, such as a large screen TV, should be wrapped in cushioned moving blankets. These blankets should be secured with moving tape, and the item secured inside of the moving van so that there is no risk of toppling over.

    A professional moving company in Miami will have all the supplies you need to pack your electronics, or you could opt for a full service move and let them do it for you. Electronics are an expensive part of your household inventory, and you don’t want to risk losing any of it.

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