Top Florida places to visit in the spring

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    Well, spring is here! For most people, this is their favorite time of the year. And when it’s time for vacation you might consider some of the top Florida places to visit in the spring as your destination. If so, you have many options. Florida is also a great place for life in general, so if you want to extend your vacation, and relocate your home there, don’t worry, South Florida movers got you covered.  First of all, you need to carefully consider what is your preferable vacation type. Are you a party lover, or are you more in nature and long boat rides? In this article, we will describe some of the top places so you can have a better idea before deciding.

    Why you should visit Florida in the spring?

    Our vacations are always too short, so we need to be smart and decide carefully where we want to spend those few good days. If you are not a resident and you are considering Florida as a possible living destination, you are in luck. With help of several residential movers South Florida has to offer, your relocation will be fast. This way you will have more than enough time to explore it. First of all, Florida is a state located in the South, near the Gulf of Mexico. This means that it has a hot climate. Precisely because this spring is an ideal time to visit Florida. At this time weather is just right, not too hot, not too cold. And most importantly rain isn’t a common occurrence.

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    Take your time, and find a place that suits you the most

    There is a wide array of fine and casual dining experiences. And you won’t have to break the bank to have a good time. Coconut Creek is a great example of this. Great place and any of the movers Coconut Creek FL has to offer will be more than happy to recommend and explain why they prefer this city as their home. This is a happy and peaceful community, where you don’t have to be well off to have a good time. So for sure, it is one of our recommendations for visiting or life in general.

    Here are our top Florida places to visit in the spring

    If you have selected Florida as your destination over other places, that’s great. Florida has so many great spots that you’ll need a lifetime to visit them all. From urban and industrial cities like Orlando to the wild swamps of the Everglades, there is something for everyone. Coastal cities are the most popular. For instance, Palm Beach Gardens sees thousands of visitors each year. But also, according to movers Palm Beach Gardens the interest in a permanent home is growing each year. This is because of the great economy that Palm Beach Gardens has. But also because of its location, as it is close to Miami.

    Miami Beach

    How can we talk about top Florida places to visit in the spring without mentioning Miami Beach? Miami Beach is located next to Miami, in the southeast part of Florida. It is for sure one of the most famous places to go in the whole US. Because of this cost of living is slightly higher than the national average. Miami Beach offers a wide array of activities. Since it is right next to the water, surfing, swimming, and kayaking are the most popular. One of the must-see spots in Miami Beach is the Art Deco Historic District. It consists of over 800 incredibly well-preserved buildings from the 1930s. So if you love architecture this is a place for you.

    picture of beach and buildings next to it
    Miami Beach is one of the top Florida places to visit in the spring

    Everglades National Park

    Away from the urban and vibrant streets of Miami, lies a jewel of untouched nature. It is located in the south tip of Florida, West of Miami. This one-of-a-kind wildlife reserve is without the question the most incredible National Park in all of the US. It is home to diverse wildlife, and thousands of species of animals and plants, that are seen nowhere else in the World. Visitors have an amazing option to sail the narrow mangrove forests of this swamp in a tourist boat while enjoying the view of the alligators, jaguars, birds, etc.

    picture of a bird sitting on the branch
    Everglades is an amazing National Park

    Key Largo

    Key Largo is a beautiful, breathtaking island, located on the south tip of Florida. Due to its somewhat location, the best way to visit this one-of-a-kind attraction is to be a resident of South Florida. Miami is a popular spot due to its proximity to Key Largo. So be sure to contact any of the local movers South Florida has to offer and ask around for possible moving spots in Miami. Key Largo has known for its crystal clear waters, beautiful architecture, and vibrant history. But it is most famous for the coral reef system it is surrounded by. These coral reefs are home to more than 600 species of fish and other marine life. Making it the perfect spot for people who enjoy marine activities such as diving or surfing.


    The second largest city in all of Florida is no other than the city of Orlando. This urban settlement with rich history needs no introduction. Orlando is an industry hub for it and manufacturing businesses, no wonder it got nicknamed the “Industry hearth of Florida”. It is most famous for its theme parks. Like Universal Studious, and Sea World which offers an amazing experience with marine life, that you can enjoy for a whole day, every day. But the most famous location in all of Orlando is Walt Disney World Resort, which itself contains many smaller theme parks. There is no doubt that Orlando needs to be on everyone’s bucket list when visiting Florida.

    You won’t regret picking Florida!

    There are many great places to visit in the US, but nothing comes close to visiting Florida. There are many top Florida places to visit in the spring, so trust us, you won’t be bored. From the amazing and lushes lifestyle of Miami Beach, with its nightclubs, restaurants, and beaches, all the way to a wildlife-filled Everglades, there is something for everyone when visiting Florida. So make sure to enjoy your vacation!

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