Top 7 reasons for moving to Miami with children

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    Top 7 reasons for moving to Miami with children

    If you’re thinking about moving to Miami with children, you might think that this city is just known for its nightlife. That could be many people’s opinion, but Miami has so much to offer. Beautiful beaches, lots of outdoor activities and 270 parks make it perfect for family relocation!

    Before you start planning on moving to Miami with children, you should be well aware of this city’s lifestyle and possibilities for living with children. There are so many pros for relocation to Miami, Florida with kids. The most obvious one is the weather. With its sunny weather, your kids will enjoy this city! The weather can be tricky and there are few storms during summer months, but other than that, the indoor and outdoor activities Miami has to offer are endless. Take a look at the list of top 10 reasons for moving to Miami with children.

    Your kids will stay fit and active

    miami nature
    Miami is a city that will make the whole family stay active and spend the day outside exploring the wildlife.

    Everybody knows that kids need daily exercise to stay healthy and fit. If you are currently living in a bigger, business-oriented city, Miami could be the perfect place to relocate with your family. Miami is a city that will make the whole family stay active and spend the day outside. It is perfect for kids who are restless and need lots of exercises to get all the excess energy out. This city has many recreational sports for young ones. Soccer, football, tennis, baseball, and swimming are just a few of them. Before you pack and relocate to Miami, think about the sports activities for your kids in Miami and get information about signing up to one.

    If your child is not a sports lover, but you would love him to spend time outdoors, make a family trip to one of the 270 parks Miami has. Your child will never be bored, and the whole family will be entertained.

    When moving to Miami with children, pick a good neighborhood

    miami building
    When moving to Miami with children, make sure to pick a family oriented neighborhood.

    Before moving to Miami with children, you should check out neighborhoods and pick the one that is right for you. When looking for the right Miami neighborhood for your family, consider the distance to nearby parks. Also, try to pick the neighborhood that is relatively close to your child’s kindergarten or school. The ones that are known to be good for families with kids are Weston, Parkland, Pinecrest, Key Biscayne and Palmetto Bay. If you are financially well situated, think about buying a beach house in Miami. It will make a great family home and your children can feel like every day is a holiday.

    Bring your pet with you, Miami is a pet-friendly city

    You might be moving to Miami with children and also with pets. If you have a dog or a cat, you should know that pets are more than welcome here! Miami is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the USA. There are so many places in Miami that you can visit with your pets, and the most interesting ones are the beaches, definitely. You can swim, run, play or just relax with your whole family without leaving your pet behind.

    Beaches are the best…

    miami beaches
    The best thing about Miami beaches is that both parents and children can have fun and relax.

    Speaking of beaches, they are probably the reason Miami became so popular. Spacious sandy surfaces make it perfect for children to run around and play! The best part is that parents can have some time and relax. Just keep in mind that beach areas can get crowded during summer so make sure to keep an eye on your little ones.

    …and there are so many other outdoor activities for kids

    moving to Miami with children
    When moving to Miami with children, don’t miss going to the Miami Zoo!

    Sandy beaches are just one of the many natural beauties in Miami. If you don’t feel like swimming or the weather is not on your side, you can always go to Everglades sightseeing at Big Cypress National Preserve, visit Jungle Island Miami, or see the famous Miami Seaquarium.

    Along with beautiful nature areas, Miami is proud of its animal wildlife. Zoological Wildlife Foundation offers private tours that include stops so your children can encounter wild animals up close. If you are more of an adventurous family, go visit Miami Safari that is spread over 5 acres and is home to more than 120 species of wild animals.

    For every family in Miami, Visiting Miami’s Children’s museum is a must! It is an amazing entertainment for kids who can pretend to be grown-ups for a while.

    Good education programs and supportive community

    Miami has a very supportive community. People in this city live a pretty laid-back lifestyle but they support children to become self-aware and independent. Volunteer work is very much appreciated and children are encouraged to involve in it. They can help clean up beaches and parks, maintain natural areas in the city or involved in sports activities with less fortunate children.

    There are many good schools in Miami, you can choose one among 239 public schools. Some of the top rated schools in Miami are George Washington Carver Middle School, Mast Academy, New World School of the Arts, School of Advanced Studies, Ada Merritt, Miami Arts Charter, Mater Grove etc. If your finances allow, you can also sign your child up for a private school.  There are 185 private schools in Miami to choose from. After graduating from high school, your kids can continue their education at the University of Miami.

    Laid back lifestyle makes every day a holiday!

    A laid-back lifestyle that Miami locals live also means that you as parents will be much more relaxed. While your child engages in one of many indoor or outdoor activity, treat yourself at one of the many spas. If your children are attending school, make some free time and investigate natural beauties of Miami. Enjoy a drink in one of the Miami’s famous bars or just take a relaxing walk along the beach.

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