Things to do before moving to Miami

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    Things to do before moving to Miami

    Oftentimes, when people think about moving, their first thoughts are about finding the right house and countless boxes flooding their driveways. However, that is but a tip of the iceberg of a lengthy process called moving. There is a number of things you need to do and chores to complete before moving to Miami. In order to help you move without much stress, we have picked out some important tips and tricks to help you get ready to move.

    Make sure you have everything ready before moving to Miami
    Make sure you have everything ready before moving to Miami

    There are three topics you need to think about before moving to Miami:

    1. Picking the right Miami moving company
    2. Packing your things
    3. Paperwork that needs to be completed before moving to Miami

    Picking the moving company

    One of the first things to do before moving to Miami is picking the right moving company. This process can be tricky business. Remember to start investigating and researching your options early on. The Internet is a powerful tool you can take advantage of – browse through the moving websites. If you are moving from a different state, make sure the company has a USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) number on it. Remember, your moving company requires either USDOT or Florida DOT!

    Compare different moving company offers to see what’s the most affordable for you. After that, make sure to go to FMCSA website to check for the companies’ insurance and license to confirm the company of your choosing has not only the license but the insurance to make your move legal. On the FMCSA website, you can also check whether your state requires USDOT number. (Florida requires it!)

    After you have selected the moving company, arrange to get a written confirmation of your moving date, costs, and other details. Some two weeks before the move contact the moving company to reconfirm the arrangements you have made. Be careful to check the moving company’s arrival time, and to have written directions to your new home, as well as your personal information (such as phone number) for the staff to contact you if there’s trouble. On the day of the move, don’t forget to check if the USDOT number painted on the truck matches the one on your paperwork, and sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep the copy of it.


    When getting ready to move, many consider packing to be their main nightmare. In order to make it easier for you, start planning a few months before moving to Miami.

    Sorting your things before you move

    Go through the rooms in your house and decide which things you will take to your new home, and which you will not need. Decide what you will do with your things in advance. Will you need a storage unit when moving? Are you going to donate the things you do not need, or are you going to throw some away? Are you planning on making a yard or garage sale?

    Boxes and storage

    Decide on which boxes you need before moving to Miami
    Decide on which boxes you need before moving to Miami

    Decide on what supplies you will use and order them. Consider which type of boxes you will need – special containers such as wardrobe boxes and dish barrels are also useful. Make sure to research which options are available and affordable for you. There are also companies that rent sturdy boxes with attachable lids, which can make your job much easier. If you decide on regular cardboard boxes, don’t forget bubble wrap, tape, and markers as well, as they are as important as boxes when moving to Miami.


    A month before moving to Miami, start using things that you will not move, such as frozen goods, foods that can easily spoil and cleaning supplies. Many people suggest not packing your closet, however, contact your moving company and ask for wardrobe boxes that are a great help when packing clothes – they also save you the time and effort of ironing your clothes after the move. Save changes of clothes for a few days for each family member to be packed in suitcases closer to the moving date since moving process can take a few days.

    When packing, pack first things you use the least, such as toasters and other such appliances. Take note of the things of value, and make sure to declare any item with the value over $100. Don’t forget to label all boxes clearly. Put valuables such as jewelry and documents in a safe box and transport it personally.  


    Paperwork is one of the steps in getting ready to move to Miami that many people take for granted. You will need to fill many forms and change even more personal information before you move.

    Do the paperwork before moving to Miami
    Do the paperwork before moving to Miami

    If you have children, you should visit their school a few months in advance and arrange for their records to be transferred to your new school district. Ask for the paperwork you will need.

    Go to your post office and ask for a change-of-address form. You can even do it online at USPS website. Arrange with a neighbor to look out for some leftover mail you might receive. Check in with them two weeks after the move, and then two weeks after that as well.

    Here is a list of the parties you should also notify before you move:

    1. Banks,
    2. Magazine and newspaper subscriptions,
    3. Your employer’s human resources department,
    4. Brokerage firms,
    5. Utility companies,
    6. Credit card and insurance companies.

    Remember to arrange for medical records to be transferred to your new healthcare providers. You might be able to also get the copies of them yourself. Ask for referrals.

    If you are switching banks, empty your safe-deposit box and put them in the safe box you will have before you move.

    Talk with your office manager and notify them of your plans to move. Remember to explain why you need the day off before the move.

    Take care of your car. Visit the mechanic and talk to them about services you might need. Consider informing yourself about Miami climate and the things you’ll need to have done on your car.

    Finally, refill your prescriptions a week before you move, so you will not need to worry about it.

    Hopefully, this guide was helpful for your big move. Happy travels!

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