The Proper Way to Pack Up a Desk

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    Moving an office is not the same as moving your home. This is because commercial moving has a set of challenges all of its own. You do not have the same furniture in your home and in your office, right? Thus, you cannot expect that moving your home will go along the lines of moving your office. So, how can one do it successfully? Well, first, you can be looking for the best North Miami Beach movers which can help you throughout the process. Then, you can read up on commercial moving, and how to do it correctly. Remember, being prepared is one of the first steps to solving any problem. Luckily, we are here to help you with some great tips and tricks! In this article, find out the proper way to pack up a desk during your office move!

    The steps you need to take to pack up a desk during your move

    Even though you might think that packing up your desk might be tough, it can actually be pretty easy. All you need to do is step back and take a look at the whole process. You might notice that there are certain steps you need to take:

    1. decide what you will do with your drawers;
    2. pick the perfect boxes to pack up a desk;
    3. figure out the best way to pack your stuff and
    4. decide how you will protect your items.

    So, let us take a closer look at all these steps. We will examine what each one consists of, and how to best deal with it.

    Decide how to deal with the drawers

    One of the most obvious things you need to deal with when you want to pack up a desk for the move is the drawers. You need to decide whether you want them to stay in, or if you will take them out and empty them. The number of things you have in the drawers will help you make your decision. If there are a lot of things in the drawers, you might want to empty them. Otherwise, they will make the desk heavy, which will be a difficulty for your Miami Movers.

    Drawers, which are a big deal when you pack up a desk.
    Think about how you will deal with the drawers.

    You might also want to empty the drawers if the things you have in them are fragile. They will need special materials to secure them, so leaving them in the drawers will be dangerous. If you only have paperwork or some light office supplies in your drawers, it might be easier to just lock them up or tape them. This will keep the items secure inside, and the drawers will not fall out during transport. They will also serve as a sort of a moving box for the items inside them.

    The boxes you pick for the moving matter

    When you want to pack up a desk for the move, the boxes you pick will inform the packing process. We recommend you use plastic boxes instead of the cardboard ones. They are firm, so they are more secure.

    Also, you can stack them easily, which is great when you want to rent a safe storage in North Miami Beach. Finally, you will be reducing the waste, because there will be less cardboard during the move.

    A laptop and a tablet.
    Think about your electronics.

    However, when it comes to electronics, things will differ. First, you need to figure out what you have on your desk. There might be a computer, a printer, a phone or any other type of office supplies. For them, you will need to make sure you still have the original boxes they came in. These are specially made for the items and are a great help when you want to pack up a desk. If you do not have them, however, do not despair! You can either get special boxes for moving electronics or talk to your cheap Miami movers. They will have the equipment you need.

    Figure out how to pack up a desk and the items on it

    Once you are ready for packing, you will need to figure out how to do it properly. One of the best tips we can give you is to pack the heavy items first, and then build up to the lighter ones. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, heavier items on the bottom will give the box stability. You can put flat things like books at the bottom, and they will serve as a buffer from below the lighter items. Also, if you pack the heavy items on top, they will only push the lower ones down. This will, in turn, cause damages to these items, and compromise the integrity of the box from within.

    A stack of books.
    You can use books as a buffer.

    Then, you should also pay attention to the cables. As you know, there are usually tons and tons of cables around any desk. So when you pack up a desk, these cables can easily get mixed up or, even worse, tangled. So, first, divide them based on which appliance uses which cables. Then, put them in small bundles and wrap a cord around them. Finally, you can even pack them separately to ensure you don’t mix them up.

    Think about how you will protect your items

    The final thing you should do is think about how you will protect your items. You do not want to open your boxes after relocating to Florida, only to find out that your things are broken and not working anymore. Because of this, when you pack up a desk, think about which materials you can use. There is a lot of things to pick from – bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, etc. If you are not sure about which way to go, make sure you call your movers and talk to them. They will offer the best solutions to you.

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