Tips for transporting exotic pets to Miami

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    Not every person is a dog or a cat person. Some people prefer to live a life on the edge, riddled with mysteries and adventures. If you were born as a daredevil, the possibilities of you becoming a dog owner instead of a tarantula owner are slim. But as you probably already know, exotic pets are hard to maintain. What happens when you need to move to Miami with a snake that scares most people but is so dear to you, from a country far, far away? Well, in that case, the first thing you to do is book reputable long distance movers Miami, and then read our article on transporting exotic pets to Miami. These two combined will give you the best chances of pulling this one off.

    Consult with your movers

    Depending on which of the moving companies Miami you choose, different rules will apply. In general, pets are usually not allowed inside moving containers, and we are talking about ‘regular’ ones. So it is only logical that exotic pets won’t be allowed, as well. However, this is something you can know only after consulting with your movers. They are the ones who are there to guide you through your relocation and help you with everything you may need. Since you will most likely have to transport your pets by yourself and in your vehicle, it would be advisable to ask your movers for some tips and hints. After all, they are the pros when it comes to transporting certain things, right?

    And if, for some reason, you don’t talk to your movers and ask for their advice, not to worry. In the following lines, you will find everything you need for safely transporting exotic pets to Miami!

    First and foremost, which animals classify as exotic?

    A photo of a Chinese water dragon.
    Is your pet on the list of exotic animals?

    If you own one, there is a 99% chance you already know that your pet is of exotic kind. But, let’s account for that 1% of people who are not completely certain whether their pet is exotic or not, and quickly remind everyone of which species can be considered as exotic.

    • Reptiles, such as lizards and snakes
    • Rodents, such as guinea pigs and hamsters
    • Amphibians, such as frogs and newts
    • Tarantulas, such as curly hair tarantulas
    • Scorpions, such as an emperor scorpion
    • Rabbits, ferrets, and a few other species

    Get a container ready for transporting exotic pets to Miami

    We all know everything about the dog and cat carriers, as they are seen and used every day. But your tarantula cannot exactly be transported in them, so how much do we really know about terrariums? Unfortunately, not much. Also, it is not possible for us to give you advice for every carrier type, as there are dozens of exotic animals around. What we can do is give you a few pointers about the best way of handling your pet carrier when relocating to Florida.

    • Remove everything from inside the container

    Let’s stay on the subject of terrariums since we mentioned them a few moments ago. If you need to transport your tarantula, you first need to empty out the container from the inside. Remove all decorations, dishes and other objects you may have inside. Leave only the empty space for your pet to reside in during the transport.

    • Use the smallest pet container you can find

    While driving, you will inevitably stumble upon a few bumps in the road. The bigger the container, the more your exotic pet will be jostled around. When transporting exotic pets to Miami, it is crucial to find the smallest possible container.

    • Secure your pet container

    Even after completing the aforementioned steps, you still need to take precautionary measures. Secure the container the best way you can, be it by using the seatbelt or any other device or tool. Just make sure the container will stay put while on the road.

    A man driving and transporting exotic pets to Miami.
    While you are safe and sound in the driver’s seat, your pet should be as safe in the back seat.

    Pay attention to your pet’s temperature

    This may be a tricky one, so feel warned. Some animals, such as reptiles and amphibians do not have the ability to control their own body temperature. In case you are moving to Miami from, let’s say, New York, you are bound to drive through countries with different climates. While going through such changes might even be fun for you, your exotic pet may not be able to withstand it. If your exotic pet gets too cold or too hot, they might experience some health issues, which is the last thing you want. And unless you get some help from New York to Florida movers, you will have to this one all by yourself.

    For starters, you can wrap some breathable material, such as a sweater, around your pet carrier. Of course, make sure you use a material that air can penetrate. Otherwise, we don’t have to tell you what could happen. Also, the easiest way to control your vehicle’s climate is by running the heater. Those are just some benefits of the 21st Century, where we have everything at our disposal.

    Make a solid plan for transporting your exotic pets to Miami

    When it comes to relocation, everything begins and ends with a good plan. And you should not just be planning which of the coolest streets in Miami to visit first – you should be planning how to transport your pet, and provide it with everything it needs for the road.

    A laptop with a notebook next to it.
    Sit down and make a thorough plan of what’s to come.

    When transporting exotic pets to Miami, it is crucial that you stock up on supplies. Get as much food and water as your car can fit, and make sure both you and your exotic pets are good for a while. Being hydrated and well-fed is important for both you and your pet, at least if you want to survive this relocation. We have no doubt in our minds you will be triumphant and will have no problem arriving at your new destination, with your pet right by your side!

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