The 7 Day Moving Sprint

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    The 7 Day Moving Sprint

    It’s easy to say “don’t wait until the last minute” for planning and packing your move, but sometimes you will not have enough time to do it. Instead, get an early start for moving sprint.  In the moving sprint, it is the most important to stay organized and to pack your boxes in the right way so they don’t disturb you. Also, for moving sprint it is important not to panic. That’s why we bring you tips for your moving sprint.

    Get Good Boxes – buy them or get them for free

    Of course, the basis of your moving sprint is moving boxes. You can pay for them or you can get free moving boxes Miami. You can also find used boxes in your office or grocery store near you. Also, you can find free boxes in liquor stores and bookstores without paying a dime. Just be sure they are in good shape so you will not risk damages for your household goods during transportation. If you want a peace of mind and you have a moving budget to buy them, you can ask your Miami movers to get some moving boxes for your relocation.

    You can buy moving boxes or get them for free
    For moving sprint get free moving boxes

    Purge before you start packing

    Before you start packing you need to know how to cut costs for Miami relocation. One of the things you can do is to throw away stuff that you no longer need. Before you pack, give, sell or donate all the things that you no longer use or wear. You can also have a garage sale to get rid of stuff.  In this way you will clean your house, so you will have more space for packing. Also, you will pack and move only that you really need and you will speed up the process in the moving sprint. But, if you have some furniture or other important stuff that you want to save but you don’t have enough space, you should consider putting them in Miami storage.

    So, before you start packing, ask yourself: Do I really need this? Should I sell it? Can I afford to move it?

    Get rid off stuff you no longer need
    For faster packing throw away stuff that you no longer need

    Packing tips for Moving Sprint

    Label Everything

    Packing a house for a local move in Florida is the same like you are packing for interstate moving. It is the most important to keep all inventory safe. Also, when you need to have a moving sprint it is important to label all your moving boxes so you can load and unload them faster. Labeling boxes also help when you need to unpack and put your belongings in the new space. Label every box with the name of the room and the list of the items inside the box. In this way you will know if some item goes missing, so you can report it and file an insurance claim for the value of the items inside the box.

    Pack like You’re Going on Vacation

    When you need to pack for moving sprint, it is much easier to do it like you are going on vacation. You will save the time and space. It means when you are packing you can do it faster if you roll your shirts and towels. You can wrap things like shoes inside jackets etc. In this way, you will have faster moving but also you will easily unpack your things at your own pace.

    Bring Necessary Items in Essential Box

    For moving sprint, it is important to pack all the necessary items in one box. This box we call the essential box. It should include all the things you will need for the first day and night in your new home. So, you will not spend time finding the things you need throw all the boxes.

    So, in the essential box, you should pack toiletries, a toolkit for reassembling furniture, cleaning supplies, canned food, towels, dish towels, dish rags, paper plates and forks, toilet paper, paper towels etc.

    Essential box should include cleaning supplies
    Pack cleaning supplies in essential box

    How to pack your house in few hours?

    If you need to pack your house in few hours there are few tips how to do it. For moving sprint like this, you should follow these simple rules if you want to do it fast.

    • First, forget about watching TV during packing
    • Call your friends and family to help you packing
    • Consider hiring pros for packing your Miami home
    • Clean while you are packing
    • Know what to pack and what to throw away
    • Have a break between packing different rooms
    • Don’t leave the room until you pack all from it

    What should you do in the week of the move?

    The first day you need to start packing. Sort the stuff you will pack first and last. First, you pack all the things you will not use during the relocation. These things are, for example, the pictures, clothes for other season, paintings, decorations etc.  Last you need to pack is your essential box, like we already mentioned.

    Also, in the week of the move don’t forget to change addresses either on the phone or online for all the services. Think about your job and school if you have children. When you change your address for all the services you need and utilities then you are ready to move.

    So, when you are done with all those steps think about getting moving boxes. Like we mentioned, you can buy them or you can get it for free in grocery stores, restaurants, bars, bookstores, etc. So, when you get them start with packing process.

    Also, don’t forget to buy canned food for your first day and night in new space, you will be exhausted of moving. You should buy bottled water for you and your family but also for movers. They will appreciate it.

    In the end, check all the things on your moving checklist so you will know that you are done everything from it. Follow the list and you will be ready before movers come. And you will be on schedule.

    For moving sprint bring canned food
    Bring canned food for the first day and night in your new home

    After your moving sprint

    Sell or donate your boxes to your relocation! Think how was important to you to find moving boxes, so donate or sell yours. Help someone else to have easy moving sprint. When you unpack all your stuff it is time to get rid of all the packing material that you no longer need.

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