Moving During the Holidays? Pros and Cons of Moving in the Winter (Even In South Florida)

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    Moving During the Holidays? Pros and Cons of Moving in the Winter (Even In South Florida)

    People often prefer moving in the winter over moving in the summer. The reasons vary – some find hot and humid weather bad for working outside or traveling. Some people sell or rent their properties cheaper in the winter because it’s the low months. Whatever your reasons, moving in the winter has its own set of perks and faults. This is especially true in South Florida – where the difference between summer and winter is not as obvious as in the rest of the United States. In this article, we discuss a list of pros and cons of moving in the winter or the holiday season.

    PRO – Moving in the Winter is Cheaper

    Save money by moving in the winter.
    Save money by moving in the winter.

    Let’s start with the obvious one – moving in the winter is easier on your pockets. Reasons for these are simple – the demand for movers is pretty low during December and January. This is why many moving companies offer great deals and are alright with you negotiating the cost of the move.

    Another great perk of moving in the winter is that you will have professionals at your disposal. During summer, when there’s a high demand for moving companies, some companies might even hire young, less professional people to help with packing and moving boxes. During the winter there is seldom need for this. Thus, you are guaranteed professional moving assistance.

    (And if you are looking for other ways to even more cut your movings costs, there are ways to find free moving boxes in Miami)

    CON – You skip the Holidays

    Decide whether you’re a fan of winter holidays.
    Decide whether you’re a fan of winter holidays.

    Now, one of the most obvious cons of moving in the winter is that it will take time from the Holiday season. Moving takes time. It is not just packing your things and putting the boxes on the moving truck. There is a lot of planning that needs to take place prior to the move itself. Experts often recommend you take six to twelve weeks to plan everything right. From deciding what you will pack and what you will do with the things you are not taking with you, to deciding which moving company you will use, there is a lot of work to do. And so, you will not have much time to dedicate to the Holiday season.

    For some people, this is no big deal, but there are also those who consider winter holidays the most wonderful time of the year. If you can’t afford to miss on these, you should figure out how to fit them into your schedule, or maybe consider moving in the spring.

    PRO – Moving in the Winter offers a Fresh Start

    There is also a psychological perk to moving in the winter. Starting a new year in your new home feels like a breath of fresh air. If you are in a need of a fresh start, then moving during the holidays might be just the thing for you. True, the move itself might be stressful. However, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated once the whole ordeal is done, and you’re greeting the new year, and the new you, in your new house.

    CON – Weather can cause Issues (if you are moving from a different state)

    When you’re moving to South Florida from a different state, the weather can cause some issues. The snow may cause traffic jams or even some heavy traffic difficulties, so your moving truck might have a hard time traveling. The move from a state to state also takes some time. You might feel irritated and impatient to get it over with. The cold weather may also not be your cup of tea, so dressing warmly is just annoying for you. If this is why you are moving to South Florida, then you made a right choice.

    You will not see snow in South Florida.
    You will not see snow in South Florida.


    During winter months, in South Florida, you are allowed to complain when the temperature drops below 60 once per month (if even that!) The weather usually stays in the sixties, with the average lows being around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The average highs reach around 70 in December. This is why moving in the winter in South Florida is not that hard if you are moving from Florida. However, moving from a different state might take some preparation first.

    Pack your things well

    Depending on what your items are, there are different ways to protect them from the cold weather.

    • Breakables are susceptible to cold weather, and can easily crack or break if the temperature is shifting rapidly. Wrap them in warm blankets and pack them into the truck last (unpack them first). This way you reduce the amount of time they spend in the cold. You can also consider taking them in the car with you.
    • Protect your boxes from the snow. If there is a lot of snow, it can cover your boxes and start melting, thus ruining the boxes themselves and the items inside. Make sure you either have boxes that are water resistant or some sort of tarp to cover them with. Talk to your moving company about these risks.
    • You also need to be careful when moving electronics, since they are often expensive. Protect them by wrapping them in moving blankets for insulation. When arriving at your new home, don’t plug them in immediately. Instead, leave them in the room for a few hours. This is so they will “defrost” and return to room temperature. It’s important to keep the condensation to the minimum.
    • Finally, help your movers too, by offering them warm drink such as tea and hot chocolate.


    Hopefully, now you have a grasp of pros and cons when moving in the winter to South Florida, as well as how to ensure your items are safe if you are moving to Sout Florida from somewhere much colder. We believe relocating to Florida is a great decision. It is going to be one great adventure, so plan for it carefully and thoroughly. Once you arrived, do not forget to check for some great events and restaurants guides!

    Finally, here’s a video of Hollywood beach on December 29th, for some authentic Florida winter weather. Enjoy!

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