Should you move out while remodeling?

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    Should you move out while remodeling your South Florida home? Renovating your house is a big challenge and surely you are thinking about moving out. In some cases that may not be necessary. For example, if you are renovating the exterior of your house or maybe remodeling your kitchen you don’t need to leave your home. But for every major indoor renovation, you should definitely move out.

    Here are the most usual types of home remodeling in South Florida:

    • Whole house renovation or remodeling. If you are wondering should you move out while remodeling, the answer, in this case, is definitely yes.
    • Whole house restoration. During a whole house restoration, your home is not going to be suitable for living.
    • Kitchen remodeling. In most situations, you can go through this type of remodeling without moving out.
    • Bathroom remodeling. This is a tricky one considering you need to use your bathroom several times during a day.
    • Windows and door replacements. This is a quick and easy project but paint fumes can be problematic.

    Should you move out during a whole house remodeling?

    If you bought a new property and you’re moving to South Florida or just remodeling your old home, doing a whole house renovation will take time to complete. When you do a whole house remodeling your entire home will be turned into a construction site. There is no place for furniture or any of your stuff. So, if you are thinking about moving out while remodeling you should definitely relocate during a whole house renovation.

    Move out while remodeling is a must when you are doing a complete remodeling.
    You should definitely move out if you are doing a complete house remodeling

    This type of work usually consists of floor replacement, adding or removing walls, basement and attic renovation, door/windows replacement and painting. As you can imagine this type of work is not only occupying your whole house but it also takes time. Depending on the size of your home and how detailed your renovation is going to be it can take from several weeks to several months.

    Moving out while doing a whole house restoration

    Doing a restoration of your home requires a very similar amount of work like remodeling. House restoration usually means that your home has been damaged somehow or it is very old. Whether your house has been damaged by fire or flood or it is so old you are probably already forced to move out. If that is the case then your entire house needs the help of a renovating crew to get it back in shape. In these circumstances maybe some parts of your house need to be demolished too. When this happens it will take a lot of time before your house is fully repaired.

    Old wood house in Key West
    If you live in an old, historical house, you should hire a professional to restore it.

    Should you move out during a kitchen remodeling?

    Kitchen remodeling project usually takes one or two months to finish depending on your requirements. It can even take longer if you are doing wall removals or some other structural changes. Nevertheless, moving out of your home while you’re doing a kitchen remodeling project is usually not necessary.

    Kitchen remodeling with grey painted wall.
    It is smart to move out while remodeling the kitchen, especially if you have kids and you can’t use it.

    Remodeling your kitchen means you won’t be able to use your fridge or stove, but it is better to go out to eat than moving.  Of course, there are times when it is better to relocate. For example, maybe you have kids and you don’t want them to be in the house with all the dirt and dangerous equipment.

    Moving before a bathroom remodeling

    Doing a bathroom remodeling is restricted to a small part of your home. But, having a bathroom full of workers means you will have trouble with using your toilet. It is up to you to decide. If it’s not a problem for you to ask your workers to leave the bathroom every time you have to go than stay. Bathroom remodeling can be finished fairly quickly and it will not occupy your whole house but it is a delicate matter.

    Moving out while replacing windows

    Replacing doors and windows on your home is not very complicated. Replacing an average window or a door usually takes 30 to 45 minutes and a highly skilled window installer can install10-15 windows per day. So, you can count that all your doors and windows will be changed within a single day. If you have a large number of doors and windows it may take two days but no longer than that. You can stay in your home and watch the process, or you can go out for a few hours.  If you have wooden doors and windows and you plan to paint them you should move out for a day or two especially if you have kids. Paint fumes can be toxic for humans and children are particularly sensitive. Have your kids stay at friends or family while the odors clear out.

    Here are a few tricks you can use to get rid of the paint smell quickly:

    –  Charcoal can be placed in small containers throughout the room where the painting was done. It will magically absorb almost all the paint smell within a few hours.

    • Baking soda is another smell neutralizer. Like charcoal, baking soda is a good smell absorber but maybe more practical because it is easier to find and you won’t get dirty if you touch it.
    • Water and lemon, you can use them in so many situations and absorbing the paint fumes are one of them.

    Should you hire a moving company when remodeling

    Hiring a moving company when remodeling can be of huge help. Any type of house remodeling requires you to relocate your items either to another room or from the house entirely. Some moving companies even offer temporary storage for your items. If you are remodeling your south Florida home hiring Miami movers will be of great help. Miami is the cultural and economic center of Florida and Miami movers are the most experienced and offer best deals in South Florida. So try to hire a Miami moving company when you need to move out while remodeling your South Florida home.

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