Safe options for moving your jewelry

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    The move is the third most intense event in life, after death and divorce, according to the relocation experts. Most of this stress comes from the fact that you cannot find what you are looking for when you get to your new home. Sometimes these missing elements are never found. You do not want your jewelry to be among these items. To help you avoid this situation, we made a list of the safest ways of moving your jewelry.

    These are four safe options for moving your jewelry

    Even though the safest way of moving your jewelry is hiring long distance movers Miami, that is not the only one. Here are some options:

    1. Do it yourself

    Remember when people say that if you want something done right, do it yourself? This feeling can relate to the move of your jewels, especially if you are just crossing the city. If you have only a few items to move around, think about wearing more valuable items. Stick smaller or less valuable items into the zipper on the inside of the garment and wear it for transportation. This dual method avoids drawing attention from apparently wearing layers of jewelry.

    Blue jewelry box with Asian art patterns
    Moving your jewelry by yourself, you are always sure where it is

    If you have a large collection, properly pack your jewelry and let interstate movers Florida transport it for you.

    2. Use armored courier service

    Using courier service to move your jewelry is the safest third-party option. You can drop your packaged jewelry to the distribution center closest to you. And they will store, insure and ship it to you. You can either get the package straight to your new home. Or to your local distribution center so you can pick it up.

    3. Ship via registered mail

    Delivery of your jewelry to your new address via USPS Registered Mail is also an option. However, we suggest the following precautions:

    • Request a return receipt with the shipment.
    • Limit the cost of each package to less than $25,000.
    • Buy package insurance via USPS.
    • Set a delivery time, so your jewelry does not sit in your new local post office.

    4. Send them to a jeweler

    You can also send your collection to a reliable local jeweler who can keep it for you until your arrival. You will have peace of mind knowing that the security measures they use to protect their inventory also apply to your jewelry.

    How to pack for moving your jewelry

    No matter what method you choose to move your jewelry, there are measures you can take to prevent damage, loss or theft. Some jewelry packaging materials make it safer and easier to move. Here are some of these materials:

    #1 Jewelry box

    The jewelry box is designed not only to decorate jewelry but also to protect it. You can use a jewelry box for almost any jewelry that you have, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and any other that you have.

    Wooden jewelry box for moving your jewelry
    Jewelry boxes are a safe option for packing several different jewels

    Some jewelry boxes have different compartments specially designed to accommodate several different jewelry items. If you have this type of jewelry box, you should consider packing all your jewelry in it. You should also wrap it with bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Secure the box and keep it in your car so you can transfer it to your new home.

    #2 Egg cartons

    If you have a lot of earrings and rings of different shapes and sizes, egg cartons can be the best container for packing them. Start by wrapping each ring separately with wrapping paper and place each piece in a random cup. As soon as you finish filling as many cups as you need, wrap the cup with a thin layer of plastic wrap to hold all the jewels together.

    #3 Jewelry bags

    One of the key problems in moving your jewelry is to make sure that the different parts are not entangled or broken. In some jewelry bags with fabric, there is a thread for a lace. And these bags are safe to store jewelry during the move. You can wrap each of your jewelry in wrapping paper or air-filled protective wrap and put it in a smaller pouch before putting it in a jewelry bag.

    #4 Rolls of toilet paper

    Some jewelry chains get entangled and break too easily. You can use clean and empty rolls of toilet paper to wrap your jewelry chains individually. So that they do not get tangled or broken. This is one very simple option that you can use to save your jewelry while moving.

    #5 Plastic straw

    If you have long jewelry chains that easily get tangled, another option that you can use is straws. Slip your jewelry chain through a straw, and then connect both ends. Straws that you have can be longer than the length of your jewelry chains. Cut the straws to match the length of the chains. After slipping the chains through a straw, fasten them together and wrap in wrapping paper.

    #6 Ziploc bags/pill organizers

    Since the earrings are in several different sizes, you will need to consider the size of your earrings before deciding on the best packing methods for them. Earrings that are smaller are often harder to find when they are missing.

    You should wrap each piece of your smaller earrings in wrapping paper, which will be soft and transparent. You can place the earrings in pill organizers or Ziploc bags. Smaller earrings can be safely placed in either of these two containers.

    #7 Buttons

    Pairing earrings are easy to misplace. But you can hold a pair together using the buttons. Insert a pair in the button, so as not to lose them. This is one of the easiest options that anyone can use.

    #8 Business cards

    Some earrings are longer than others, and some are in pair. If you have longer earrings or a pair, you can use a business card to hold them safely while moving. If you have a pair of irrelevant or obsolete business cards, you can push out the holes in each of them and gently attach the hooks of your earrings.

    But if you don’t have cards, you can cut parts of the cardboard boxes and dry the holes in them. You must stick the earring hooks on the other side of the card to protect them from falling during transport.

    #9 Hard cases for glasses

    The hard case for glasses is an ideal container for packing jewelry, such as rings. All you need to do is wrap each of the rings in napkins and place them in a hard case.

    Glasses case
    Rigid sunglasses cases are good containers for packing rings

    After closing, the case will be a safe place for rings. You do not have to worry about their surface being scratched or damaged in any way. You can put hard sunglasses case in your car and transfer it to your new home yourself.

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