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    If you wish to change your move out date, there are several things you have to understand first. It’s possible only given specific circumstances. Now, that is nothing to worry about. All it requires is some sort of planning ahead. Let’s be generous here and assume you did do some planning ahead. We are also going to assume that you have reasonably good relations with your landlord or landlady. So, before you contact your South Florida movers, there are a few things you should know. This is all too important if you wish to change your move out date.

    Have you signed anything?

    If you wish to change your move out date, a lot depends upon this. Generally speaking, this depends if you’ve signed any obligatory contracts which could really limit your legal power. To change your move out date, you need to take a look at the papers that have your signature on them. Especially papers of the contractual sort. They will have all sorts of important info that you will use to change your move out date. For example…

    Know what your lease says

    Your lease contract should contain all info that is relevant to you. It proscribes under which circumstances can you leave at an earlier date, and how long is the notice time. If you leave at the wrong time, of course, there are penalties. So, there is a general framework under which you can operate, but be aware of the limitations!

    Always leave the apartment in perfect condition before you change your move out date.
    Always leave the apartment in perfect condition before you change your move out date.

    When you’re giving a notice, do it more than a month in advance

    In most cases, you need to give a move out notice at least one month in advance. Otherwise, you’re still under obligation to pay rent. If you wish to change your moving date, working out everything with the landlord will be useful and practical.  But this communication needs to start somewhere. A written notice is usually sufficient. Also, a phone call is desirable. It is also common courtesy to inform the landlord more than just one month in advance. So, if you need to give a notice one month in advance, do it a month and a half in advance.

    Now, to successfully change your move out date, you need to write the notice in a very specific form

    The apartment, such as this one, with a little bit of clothes strewn around, is not something that you wish to leave to your landlord.
    Everything should be in perfect order before you leave.

    And this form mostly relates to procedural aspects. If you’re contacting your landlord or property manager, you need to state your intent to leave. However, there are other things that need to be a part of your notice, if you wish to change your move out date. For example:

    • Your name, as well as address and contact number;
    • Same as previous for the landlord or property management company;
    • Statement of your intention to leave, and reason, if applicable;
    • The day you wish to leave;
    • And, finally, the date of the letter itself.

    Normally, you should always consider saying it nicely. Instead of a simple, I wish to leave, say something along the lines of Due to personal reasons that I, unfortunately, cannot disclose, I find myself in a situation where I have to leave. Euphemisms such as these will get you a long way, and they technically do not count as lying. They are key if you want to successfully change your move out date.

    Inquire about the status of your deposit

    If you had to leave earlier, then you most probably do not have the right to a deposit return. This is tough, I know. But, in some cases, the landlord or property management company might give it back as a sign of good will. This is where your previous relationship with them plays a part that is not insignificant. Your wish to change your move out date will not sit well with them, but some nice words will surely get you a long way. This also applies to the initial deposit that you’ve made – perhaps you can convince them to return it even after you change your move out date.

    Whatever you do, don’t just leave the property unattended

    If you do, the landlord has the right to sell any and all possessions he finds inside. This is a situation that you do not want to find yourself in. If you’re going to leave, make sure that the house or apartment is in the same condition as they were when you first came in. Now, this may come off as difficult, but it is very important to do it right. What’s going to happen to the belongings that you’ve left there is solely the landlord’s discretion. This procedure is somewhat similar to a real estate closing procedure.

    Do not foget to have an apartment - such as these downtown apartments in large blocks of concrete buildings - ready for you to move in once you change your move out date.
    Always have a backup place to which you can go to.

    This helps you have a “clean” rental history

    We’ve all been forced to move at a different time than expected for whatever reason. To change your move out date, you need to maintain your rental history, otherwise, it’s like declaring bankruptcy – you will be seen in a bad light. Now, the best idea is to maintain a friendly and cordial relationship with your landlord. Or, if you’re unable to do that (for example, due to personality differences) then at least be professional. Then it will be much easier for you to change your move out date by appealing to common decency.

    Have a few witnesses

    Now, what you need to do is file a check out form. Now, what you obviously need to do is to file it correctly, otherwise, it’s not valid. However, if you have a roommate or several of them, it would be for the best to have their names and signatures on it. This is simply to prevent any legal mess that you can possibly run into.

    Most importantly, behave

    I’m at risk here of sounding condescending. However, this can be a very frustrating process if something goes wrong, and for that reason, you should never lose your grip, start shouting or something of the sort. Always be polite and civil, even though it may be hard at times. And prepare a place for yourself a few months in advance, before using Florida moving services to go to your new destination. Planning everything in advance is key before trying to change your move out date!

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