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    So, you are thinking about relocating from Palm Beach to Davie? There are around 50 miles between the two places so the distance you are about to cross is not going to be great. But what are the differences that you will feel after making this move? In order to have safe relocation hire moving and storage South Florida to help you out. And read this article to learn about the similarities and differences between these two places.

    Davie is a much bigger place than Palm Beach

    If you are currently living in Palm Beach, and you want to relocate to Davie, the biggest difference you will see is in the size of the two places. Palm Beach has only about 9,000 residents, while Davies has a population of 105,594. Now, both places are a part of the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, so after your movers Davie FL relocate you, you will not get that sense of moving to a much bigger place directly. However, Davie definitely offers a completely different feel.

    residential area
    Davie is bigger than Palm Beach

    If you are looking to raise a family, relocating from Palm Beach to Davie is the only logical step

    Palm Beach is considered one of the best places to retire in Florida. On the other hand, Davie is known to be one of the best places to raise a family. So the difference here is obvious. If you are just starting out your life and planning to raise a family, finding some reliable moving companies Palm Beach and moving to Davie is the only logical step.

    Housing costs differences

    Another important difference is in the housing costs. The median home value in Palm Beach in 2022 was $1.9M, which is an increase of 154% compared to last year’s numbers. On the other hand, prices in Davie are much more reasonable. The median home value in Davie in 2022, was $457K, which is also an increase since last year.  But an increase of 25%. When it comes to rents, the median rent in Davie is $1,800 while in Palm Beach is $4,740. Housing costs are simply the number one reason why you should find some good movers Miami FL and relocate you to Davie as soon as you can.

    residential area
    Davie is a much more affordable place

    Living costs are much lower in Davie

    As you can probably imagine, living costs in Davie are much lower than in Palm Beach.  For example, to retain the standard of living with a salary of $1000 you had in Palm Beach, you will need only $765 a month in the city of Davie. So the housing and living costs are much lower in Davie. Perfect for young families.

    Those are the things you need to know before relocating from Palm Beach to Davie. As you can see, Palm Beach is mostly for retirees, while Davie is better for families. Also, it is much cheaper to live in Davie than in Palm Beach.

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