Things you should know before moving a piano to Florida

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    Moving a piano is not at all an easy task. Before you decide on whether will you try a DIY move or you will hire moving companies Pompano Beach here are a few things you should know before moving a piano to Florida. When you are moving a piano, it is important to know your instrument and to assess the complications that might occur during the transport.

    Different types of pianos and the issues with their move

    The first thing among other things you should know before moving a piano to Florida is the piano type. Most people own two types of piano. The first type is an upright piano. An upright piano is a smaller kind and it is easier to move on your own. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake that it is easy to transport this piano. This kind of piano weighs around 900 pounds. Therefore, it is still a difficult task to move it. The advantage of this type is that it is easier to go through doors and hallways. But if you are living in an apartment or in a two-story house, have in mind that you need to carry it down the stairs. It is recommended that you hire piano movers South Florida FL to transport a piano.

    grand piano
    Pianos come in many shapes and sizes

    The other is a grand piano. This is actually a more common type of piano in homes. This is heavier piano than an upright. It weighs approximately 1200 pounds. Besides its weight, the other problem with this piano is its size. It is not at all simple to move the grand piano. Especially in case, you have stairs or narrow hallways in your home. Therefore, usually, people hire moving companies Miami Beach with experience and expertise to relocate their pianos.

    Don’t be misled by the size

    Although pianos are large and heavy, they are delicate instruments. You cannot carry the piano down the stairs or dismantle them if you do not know how to. If you tip the piano on the side, it won’t get damaged. However, since it is very heavy, you might drop it or hurt yourself. This is why you need to be careful or better yet, contact the local movers South Florida and check if they offer a piano moving service. To move this bulky instrument you will need special equipment and more than two people.

    man thinking
    You need to be careful while moving a piano

    Leaving your piano to rest is another item on the list of things you should know before moving a piano to Florida

    One more thing among things you should know before moving a piano to Florida is that after you move the piano, you need to let it rest. The professionals will know to tell you exactly, but usually, it needs to rest for around 3 weeks before tuning. The resting period has to do with adjusting to the room temperature.

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