Relocating from FL to NC (step-by-step)

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    There are many reasons why one would move. Maybe you are looking to start a new life and the things you find in Florida doesn’t work for you anymore. Perhaps you are searching for a better job, or your company is relocating from FL to NC and taking you with them. You might even be moving to North Carolin to start a family there since Florida is not the best place for you. Whatever the reasons, the moving process is usually the same. But should you first call interstate movers FL or start packing? When do you cancel utilities? Find out in our step-by-step moving guide!

    Research about the destination before relocating from FL to NC

    Before you even start the process, you should think about where you want to move. If your destination is already set then you only need to jump into the research about it, but if you are still figuring it out, you will need to make the decision soon. You cannot really plan anything else without having a clear destination in mind. To help you, it might even be a smart idea to sit in your car and drive up to North Carolina. Something along the way might tickle your imagination and make you wish to live nearby!

    Take a road trip to North Carolina!

    If you do have your destination, then you should make at least one trip to your new city. This is the best way in which you will learn about your neighborhood. Also, this is a great chance to actually explore various neighborhoods and see where you will want to search for a home. You should consider bringing a guide book with you to help you figure out where everything is. Try to evade tourist traps, and go for local hotspots instead.

    If you are moving with your family, then you should also consider the schools at this time. Research the school districts in North Carolina – this might help you make your decision too. We all want the best for our children – and relocating from FL to NC is the time to actually make it happen!

    Create the budget

    The budget is an important facet of any move. It will inform you just how much you can spend on movers, storage units Florida or any other special services that you might need. It is also of great use when you are deciding what to take with you. With a smaller budget, you will leave more things behind and vice-versa, if you don’t worry about the money, then you can afford to move a lot!

    The American Moving and Storage Association places the cost of an average move at around $4,300 with professional movers. However, this doesn’t mean that a DIY move is any less cheap. When relocating from FL to NC by yourself, you will need to rent a truck, get your own packing supplies and do all the heavy lifting yourself. What’s more, if something is broken due to bad packing, you will be the one responsible, so you will need to cover those costs too.

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    Having a moving budget is important.

    So, start by checking just how much you can spend on your move. From there, list down all your necessary moving expenses. Don’t forget to budget some extra money for any unexpected costs that might occur. What’s more, you should also check if your employer will cover the move, if moving for work. This can be of great help in the whole process.

    Find yourself a good moving company

    Now is the time in the moving process to find someone who will help you with relocating from FL to NC. You will want to find responsible, professional movers who will know exactly what to do – and will be there for you every step of the way. How do you do that?

    Well, first, you will want to collect some recommendations. So, ask around. Your friends, your colleges, your neighbors – all of them are a valid source of information. If they cannot tell you what company to move with, at least they might be able to warn you against a moving company they had a bad experience with. With their help, if you are lucky, you will collect a list of around a dozen moving companies ready for screening. If not, then you should head online and read up on some nearby movers.

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    Make sure you find people you can trust!

    Afterward, it’s time to call each company and arrange an estimate. If they don’t want to do an on-site estimate, then you should drop that company from your list. The estimator needs to come and actually take a look at all your items. Make sure you get the company’s US DOT number at this time. You can use this number to screen the company online, while also looking at the reviews. All of this will help you pick residential movers with ease.

    Packing might be the toughest part of relocating from FL to NC

    There is a reason why so many people dread packing. It is quite possibly the longest and hardest part of relocating from FL to NC. This is because so much goes into it. First, you will need to examine each of your rooms and decide what you will take with you. After that, you need to get the packing supplies, and finally get down to packing. This is why so many people choose to go with professional packing services. Not only will they save you a lot of valuable time, but they will also do the packing properly. With your items safe and sound, you will have a move with no stress or panic!

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