Residential moving services – how to pick?

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    Residential moving services – how to pick?

    Every now and then comes a day in your life when you are ready for a change. Sometimes the change can be small, but sometimes it is as big as moving a house. And if you decide to move your home, then you are embarking on a great adventure. However, this does not come cheap – moving house can be both expensive and very stressful. One great thing you can do is find reliable, professional North Miami Beach movers. In this article, we give you helpful hints and tips on how to pick the very best residential moving services.

    How to find residential moving services

    The first thing you will need is to find reliable residential moving services. It’s very important that you get professional Miami Movers. Otherwise, you can end up with unprofessional people who only cause more difficulty and stress. A good moving company will help you through your moving process and make it easy for you. There are multiple ways you can go about this.

    Talk to your friends about residential moving services

    Two friends talking about residential moving services.
    You can talk to your friends about residential moving services they have experience with.

    One of the easiest ways to do this is to talk to your friends and colleges. There is a high chance they were moving recently, or they know someone who has. They can give you recommendations and advice, or even tell you which company not to use if they had a bad experience with them. Be sure to ask them a lot of questions about the company they recommend, and get all the information you can.

    Check residential moving services advertisements

    Another way to find the company is to look through advertisements. You can either search online or check the yellow pages or the phonebook. You might even run into an ad in the local newspaper. Be sure to write down the company’s contact information so you can call or visit them to learn more.

    Screen residential moving services

    After you have made a list of a number of moving companies, it is time to screen them. You can search for more information about them online, and you can get referrals.

    Screening residential moving services online

    The easiest way is to look for residential moving services reviews online. There are many websites that will offer you more than enough information about them. Always make sure you check reviews on websites other than the company’s. You can also check websites like This website and the similar ones usually blacklist fraudulent movers, so they can be a valuable source of information in your search of professional movers.

    Ask residential moving services for referrals

    A telephone for calling referrals that the residential moving services gave you.
    Make sure you phone the referrals that the company gave you.

    You can ask the residential moving services for referrals. Make sure you write down their telephone numbers. Make a point of calling the people and asking them a lot of questions. Ask what they would say their best and their worst experience was with the company. Ask them how far they were moving and how long the move was. Do not be afraid to be thorough.

    Don’t stop on one residential moving service

    Once you are done screening residential moving services, it’s time to arrange on-site estimates. Any professional moving company will come to your house to do the estimate. If they want to do it online, they might not be very reputable. Also, never trust websites that offer to find you a mover or do an estimate themselves. There is a rule of thumb that says you should narrow your list to at least three on-site estimates. Don’t settle on just one. This estimate is also a great chance to screen the company even more.

    When their representative arrives, make sure you ask them questions about the company. Watch out for any red flags. Professional movers will have their own vehicles, and they will be thorough. Make sure you show them everything – including the insides of your wardrobes and cupboards. Tell them what you will be moving and what you will be selling or donating. Also, any reputable moving service will not ask for any money upfront. Check everything else that may seem weird to you. If you just don’t feel comfortable with the companies you chose, keep searching further.

    Check the residential moving services licenses

    A man sitting in front of the laptop, screening the residential moving services online.
    Make sure you screen the companies online.

    Finally, every moving company gets a U.S. DOT number from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can get a lot of information about the company based on their U.S. DOT number. For example, if you are moving out of state and using long distance Miami Movers, you can visit Protect your move website. There, you can search for the company using the number. On the other hand, if you are staying in Florida, you should check with your local consumer affairs agency. Give them the U.S. DOT number and ask them all you need to know about the company.

    Also, if something goes awry, you will need the U.S. DOT number to file a complaint. This is why it’s really important to get it upfront. Also, make sure the company’s information matches the information you get by searching their U.S. DOT number online.

    Another way to research the company is on the Better Business Bureau website. Make sure that the company you are looking into is on the BBB’s list. Any reputable company will be accredited by BBB or it will have a good rating on their website.

    Check the residential moving services insurance

    Finally, you will need to check the residential moving services insurance policies. Without insurance, you will not be able to get any reimbursement for anything that goes missing or gets broken. This is why it’s very important for the company to be insured. Talk to their representative about what their insurance policy entails. Make sure you know what you are paying for before you sign any contract. You can check the company’s policy on the websites listed above. Just type their U.S. DOT numbers and look for insurance tabs.

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