Moving to Florida on a budget

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    When you are moving to Florida on a budget you will need to think about every aspect of your move. From hiring long distance movers Florida to finding free moving boxes. But before you start hiring movers and organizing your move you will have to make a plan. Planning is the most important part when moving on a budget. If you just rush in without any preplanning you can’t hope to find and get the best available deals. So, take an old fashioned pen and paper and start making a moving plan. Think about everything, what to pack, are you going to need a storage unit, do you need a moving company. If you are not sure about using the moving company’s services, you need to know their prices. So, one of your jobs is going to be to calculate the costs of moving with and without a moving company.

    When you are moving to Florida on a budget here is what you will have to do

    • When moving to Florida on a budget you will need a proper moving plan. Without it, you will end up broke.
    • You will have to make your inventory smaller. That means that you will have to say goodbye to all of your excess stuff. What you can’t sell you should donate or recycle.
    • Find someone to help you. If you find enough helping hands you could avoid hiring a moving company.
    • Find the most reliable moving company that has decent prices.

    Moving to Florida on a budget – Get rid of your excess items

    If you what to move to Florida on a budget you will need a good moving plan. First, you have to start with your stuff. Go through your whole home and try to identify the items you don’t need to carry with you. This is the most efficient way of lowering your moving cost. As the weight and the number of boxes is the most important factor when determining your moving cost. If you have old furniture that is ready to be replaced, discard it. You will buy new when you arrive at your destination. This will significantly lower your moving cost. So be prepared to say goodbye to as many things as possible.

    Moving to Florida on a budget – Sell or Recycle

    After you decided what items you don’t need you can try to sell them. You can ask around the neighborhood if someone is interested. If you have time you could also make a yard sale or try to sell them over the internet. Anything that you earn will count as lowering your moving cost.

    Sell you stuff if you are moving to Florida on a budget
    Before moving to Florida on a budget organize a yard sale

    If you end up with some items that you couldn’t sell the most proper way to get rid of them is to donate or recycle. If you have some toxic paints or oils don’t just throw them in the garbage. But use the internet to find a proper way to dispose of them.

    Moving to Florida on a budget – Do you need a moving company?

    You made a good moving plan and decided what items are going with you. Now you will have a clear picture of what awaits you. Now it is time to decide whether you will need moving companies Miami Beach or not. It really depends on the number of items and available help that you have. If you have family members or friends that could help you during your packing and moving than you could probably go without the help of movers. Then you will need to properly estimate dimensions of your items. If you want to rent the smallest moving truck possible. The smallest moving truck is going to be the cheapest, too.

    You need to decide whether to use the services of a moving company or not.
    Will you hire a moving company or not?

    You don’t want to rent a huge moving truck if you don’t need it.

    Moving to Florida on a budget – How to pick a good moving company

    If you think that you will not have enough helping hands you will probably have to use the services of a moving company. It is very important that you don’t hire the first company that you find on the internet. If you type “moving company” in the google search the first results mean that they have the best websites, not that they are the most reliable movers. To find the best deals you will have to do a more thorough search. And here is one free tip: international moving companies Fort Lauderdale have some of the best deals on Florida. So check them first. But when you are searching for a moving company, generally you need to concentrate on their reliability. If you decide on the cheapest but not the most reliable option it could cost you much more in the end.

    Additional services

    Moving companies usually offer many additional services that you should avoid using when moving to Florida on a budget. You should do all the packing and preparations on your own. So when your movers come they only need to load and unload the truck. Of course, sometimes you will have to use some of those additional services. In that case, you need to try to negotiate the lower price.

    It is cheaper if you don't have to rent a storage unit
    Storage units will affect the cost of your move

    There are ways to get some discounts, if you need to rent storage units Fort Lauderdale, for example. Renting it for a longer period is going to be cheaper than a short-term commitment. Talk to your movers and ask about their special deals. They will give you the best information about it.

    Moving boxes

    You will need lots of things for your packing. Most obvious are the moving boxes. The cheapest way is to find free moving boxes. No, that was not a misspelling; there are ways to get free moving boxes you just have to know where to look. Visit a local bookstore or a liquor store, they get many cardboard boxes every day. And they probably have problems with getting rid of them on a daily basis. So you can expect that they will be glad to give you all they have. You could also try at your closest shopping mall. That is also a good source of free moving boxes. Of course, cardboard boxes are not going to be enough for your move. You will probably need some sturdier plastic moving containers. And instead of buying them, the cheaper way is to rent them. So keep that in mind too.

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