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    You are moving to New Jersey. You decided to leave Florida and move up the coast, to the Garden State. That must be exciting for you! But you are apprehensive about what to expect upon your move. Shows like Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New Jersey present the state as home to men with terrible manners, and women with big hair and square-shaped nails. But, you shouldn’t trust reality TV. The image they present has nothing to do with reality. This is what it’s really like to move to New Jersey.

    What to expect when moving to NJ?

    It’s a densely populated state

    New Jersey is the 5th smallest state in the country, but when it comes to the number of people living in it, it ranks much higher. It’s actually the second most densely populated state. Why you wonder. It could be its beautiful coastline or the salt water taffy. But I suspect it’s got much more to do with it being the third welthiest state. With an average per capita income of $37,288 New Jersey attracts many newcomers. And the locals are reluctant to leave as well. Why should they? New Jersey is a great state! Unfairly shadowed by its neighbor, New York.

    Moving to New Jersey can mean a big change of climate

    New Jersey is situated in the mid-Atlantic, northeast region of the country. This means there are blizzards in the winter. Average winter temperatures are around 30, 4o degrees. Quite a change to mild Florida winters. There’s a lot of snowfall and it’s not rare to have schools shut down due to bad weather. You need to prepare for these conditions. When we say prepare we mean – keep a power outage kit in your house. Due to heavy snowfall power outages in winter months happen occasionally and it’s best to have some food, water, and flashlights in stock.

    When it comes to summers, they are nice and warm. Average temperatures in June are around 70 degrees, in extreme situations reaching 100 degrees. Not too hot, very enjoyable temperatures that you can experience hanging by the Ocean. Spring and fall are moderate.

    You don’t have to part with the beach

    Moving to New Jersey means enjoying empty beaches as sunset, like this one.
    You can marvel at the beautiful beaches when you move to NJ.

    Relocating from Florida to New Jersey might be a big change when it comes to winter weather. But, in the summertime, you can still have fun by the water. Moving to New Jersey from Florida would mean replacing your surf scene, not leaving it all together. You can catch some really good waves, without the fear of shark attacks.

    Property tax is high

    A house and a front yard like this could be yours after moving to New Jersey.
    New Jersey has great real estate, as well as great property tax.

    If you are moving to New Jersey and buying a property, you should know that property tax is high. It’s the highest in the country, actually. You need to pay 2,38% of your property’s value each year. And the property tax isn’t the only tax that’s high. Bear this in mind when choosing your new home.

    Good choice of cities

    One of the perks of moving to a new state is choosing which city to live in. In NJ there are many great cities you could live in. Here are some suggestions:

    • Jersey City – this city sits on the border with New York City and is ideal if you need to work in NYC, but don’t appreciate the concrete jungle. Jersey City is the most ethnically diverse city in the U.S. and it’s very proud of it. So, wherever you come from, you won’t feel like a stranger in Jersey City.
    • Newark – the most populous city in New Jersey is a major import-export hub, thanks to its port. The city’s economy is strong with many white and blue-collar jobs in the insurance, government, and legal sector, as well as in manufacturing.
    • Patterson – this midsize city has a population of over 150,000. It has a well-developed park and recreation system. And it is surrounded by wonderful nature, ideal for people who like to spend their free time outdoors. How great would it be to spend your weekends at Great Falls of the Passaic River?
    • Princeton – when it comes to small towns New Jersey has to offer, none top Princeton. This charming little town is home to a major ivy league college, which means it has a well-educated, academic population. It has a great public library and Princeton University Art Museum. And tree-lined streets, with historic houses. Moving to New Jersey and picking Princeton comes at a hefty price, unfortunately.

    New Jersey has a fascinating restaurant scene

    Red wine and two filled glasses.
    BYOB restaurants will be yours to explore after moving to New Jersey.

    This state is home to so many diners that it’s called the Diner Capital of the World. You can get an all-American meal at one of these any time of the day. Another Jersey delicacy you can snack on when you move here is the saltwater taffy. This treat was invented in Atlantic City in the 1880s and has been a signature treat of the state. But the most peculiar thing about NJ dining is BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants. These are establishments that allow their guests to bring their own drink of choice into the restaurant and drink as much as they want, free of charge. This can cut down the price of eating out substantially, and it’s a common thing in high-end restaurants in New Jersey.

    How to move to New Jersey?

    Now that you are all excited about your relocation, all that’s left is to arrange it. When moving so far North, it’s best to hire long distance movers Miami, to assist you. Interstate moving requires so much time and organization that it is simply too challenging to do on your own. When you hire professional Miami movers you can rest assured your things are in good hands, knowing they will reach your new destination safely and in a timely manner. With their help, moving to New Jersey will go smoothly!

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