Moving your business to North Miami Beach – tips and tricks

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    Moving your business to North Miami Beach – tips and tricks

    There can be many reasons for moving your business. Maybe your company is expanding and you need more space. Or maybe you are moving to a more suitable neighborhood. In the end, moving is something that needs to be done, but no one really likes it. Don’t worry, though. Check out these tips which will make moving your business to North Miami Beach a lot easier.

    1. Plan and prepare

    a pen and a checklist on a clipboard
    Make a checklist of inventory

    Preparation is vital to a successful business move. Business moves are usually planned from 6 to 24 months in advance,

    depending on the size of your business. To have a stress-free move, make sure that you plan your move well in advance. For this, you only need 2 tools – pen (or a printer) and paper.

    Make a timeline of your move (you can use a premade planner or make your own one). Mark all the important dates of your move, and what will need to be done on those dates. For instance: March 23rd/6 months before the move date/ – researching potential Miami movers to hire. Make a checklist of things you need to do, and a different checklist of items you need to bring.

    2. Set a  specific date for moving your business to North Miami Beach

    a calendar showing the first two weeks of the month
    Mark all the important dates for your business relocation

    They key to a good business relocation is not in how fast you move – It’s in finding the right time to move. This means moving when your business will suffer the least. For most businesses, there is a particular time in the year or the month when business is slower than usual. That’s your timeframe. You also want to make sure you move on the weekend, or any days in the week your business is closed. Packing and moving will probably take a long time, and you don’t want it to interfere with your daily business.

    3. Check out your new office space

    Even though you probably already checked it out, go again. Try to imagine how you will set up your furniture once you move your business there. Remember to talk to whoever is in charge of the building. Also, check the building once more for all the necessary utilities such as internet, electricity, etc. Finally, make an arrangement plan for your new office space. This will make it easier for the movers to put your office furniture in the right places on a moving day.

    PRO TIP: When you talk to the person in charge of the building, ask them to leave the AC/heat on your moving day. Most office buildings turn them off during weekends, and that’s exactly when you’ll want to move. You don’t want to walk into a freezer.

    4. Hire professional movers

    Even though it looks like a good way to save money, it can backfire terribly. Remeber, you are moving your source of income. Wouldn’t you want it in reliable professional hands? You can never be too careful when moving your business to North Miami Beach. The best way to go about it is to pack on your own, and hire movers to move your things. Apart from saving on the packing costs, you will insure the safety of your equipment. The best of both worlds. Make sure you hire proper and reputable movers in North Beach Miami. Research your movers well in advance, then reserve and schedule the date for your business move at least 3 months ahead.

    PROTIP: Check what your movers’ insurance covers. You might want to insure some of your things that their insurance doesn’t cover.

    5. Declutter

    Moving your business to North Beach Miami is starting anew. As all moving, this is an excellent way to declutter your office. Donate your old electronics or any equipment you’ll not be taking with you but can’t sell. Get rid of all that junk from the utility rooms you never used. Recycle all the paper you don’t need. Remember: the less things you move, the cheaper and easier the move will be.

    PROTIP: If your new office space is smaller than the old one, but you don’t want to throw things away, you can always put your things in storage.

    6. Pack accordingly

    As we mentioned before, your move will be on a day your business is closed. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t pack before that. You can pack slowly in the days before the move. Start by packing the things you know you won’t use, and slowly work your way to those being used every day.

    Make sure you pack your things properly when moving your business to North Miami Beach. Pack your things so that they are easy to unpack when you reach your destination. When labeling boxes use numbers instead of words. This way you can protect yourself, your clients and employees and prevent loss of any sensitive information. You don’t want to have a box labeled “tax returns from last year”.

    When packing, remember to:

    sven boxes of different dimensions stacked in three piles
    When moving your business to North Beach Miami label your boxes with numbers
    • Remove all the cables from electronics
    • Remove all the cartridges from printers
    • Bubble wrap your monitors
    • Duct tape any moving parts on your things (drawers on desks, printer trays, etc.)
    • Throw out the food left in the kitchen fridge

    PROTIP: Duct tape every cable separately to prevent tangling.

    7. Inform everyone when moving your business to North Miami Beach

    two people communicating through a can and wire phone
    Let everyone know you’re moving your business to North Miami Beach

    When moving your business to North Miami Beach, inform your employees at least 2 months in advance. This will give them a chance to prepare for the move, and even help you out. Designate one manager to take care of the moving logistics inside the company. Ensure that all the departments do an inventory of items (get that checklist!). Finally, choose 2 people (1 if you are going yourself) who will be there on a moving day. Two is a good number because it’s enough people to provide help, but not too much to impede the movers.

    After you’ve informed your employees, start informing your clients and business partners. This should be done at least a month before the move. Keeping up good business relationships will help your business flourish in your new space.

    Finally, change your company’s public information at least a week before the move. Change the address of your company with the proper authorities. Forward your mail (you can do this online). Replace the info on your business cards and/or website, and post an announcement about your move.

    Now you’re ready! Moving your business to North Beach Miami will be a piece of cake. One final tip: try not to stress out if something goes wrong. Moving is an unpredictable and tricky business and unexpected scenarios will sometimes occur. Just Keep calm and power through it.

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