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    Moving from Miami to Toronto guide

    Winter has come and you’ve decided to meet it head on – on the other side of “the Wall”. And in case you know nothing about relocating to Canada, we are here to offer training. It might be overwhelming exchanging Miami for Toronto, but with a little help and some adjustment, anything is possible. So here is our crash course on moving from Miami to Toronto like a king.

    Learn the skills necessary for moving from Miami to Toronto by reading this showrt guide.
    Moving from Miami to Toronto can be challenging to say the least – it’s all about having the right knowledge for the job.

    The game of moving from Miami to Toronto

    Are you ready for the transition from that tropical Florida sun to the northern lights of Toronto? We can assure you that no matter how scary it looks at the moment, it won’t be. It’s just a matter of knowing what to expect from the relocation. Once you posses that knowledge, moving from Miami to Toronto will be an easy victory.

    The actual relocation journey from Miami to Toronto

    Given that we aren’t talking about your day-to-day local relocation, you need to consider the method of transportation. The journey to Toronto is a long one indeed, but planning ahead can take you a long way. So, for starters, you need to decide how to transport your possessions. The convenient thing is that Miami offers a variety of choices, since it is on the coast and accessible.

    Miami-Toronto relocation might seem challenging, but it is a journey worth taking.
    Miles and miles separating Miami from Toronto – better hi the road.
    • Ship transportation – good tactic to go with if you have the time, since it will take a while.
    • Aerial relocation – costly, but great for saving time and instant moves.
    • Moving via truck – middle ground between the other two. This would be the classical option, affordable yet not that time-consuming as moving via ship.

    In case you don’t have that many stuff and are looking to save on moving costs, there is the option to take on a self-move quest. Driving from Miami to Toronto at a steady pace would last around 22 hours. So taking into consideration rest time (a bit of sightseeing maybe), you could count on a three-day trip.

    You can of course always take the express way by flying from Florida to Ontario. Not the cheapest solution but probably the easiest, given that the trip is about 6 and a half hours long. And this goes even if your belongings are being transported by a team of reliable professional movers. No matter your transportation method, making sure your personal belongings reach your new Toronto burrow is most important.

    Moving from Miami to Toronto – the geographical point of view

    Changing cities (not to mention countries) involves a whole lot of adjustment. So don’t go thinking how easy this change will be. Gather all the intel on where you are headed so as to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

    Among all of the differences you are to face, climate and landscape are the two factors that will strike you first and foremost.


    Pack you Hawaiian shirts and get ready for a Toronto winter.
    Toronto winters are cold with frequent snow while summer months are characterized by very warm temperatures.

    Although being known as the Sunshine State, Florida doesn’t really have the best of weather. Florida has experienced some of the most destructive lightning strikes as well as hurricanes in US history.

    Toronto, being the northern metropolis that it is, has other climate challenges. Replace hurricanes with snow and winter storms and you get the gist. So put your summer wardrobe into storage and be sure to equip yourself with coats, boots, gloves etc. On the bright side, moving from Miami to Toronto doesn’t mean saying farewell to summer. They do have summer days in Ontario – they are just not as hot.

    In general, Toronto has a humid continental climate, with warm, humid summers and cold winters. So, it wouldn’t be unusual for the temperature to vary from 34 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 84 degrees Fahrenheit in July.

    Landscape & Panoramas

    When compared, Miami and Toronto are like water and oil. On the one hand, we have the flat terrain, swampland, tropical flowers and natural springs which make up a large part of Florida. And on the other hand we have rugged mountains, waterfalls, broad rivers, and thick forests of Canada. So you can imagine the drastic differences you are going to experience after your relocation.

    The practical standing on Miami-Toronto relocation

    Once you’ve adjusted to the climate and landscape, the everyday life changes come. This would be the part of the process which comes naturally for anyone. Basically, you need to consider the differences between the two cities when it comes to everyday life. Mind you that you that this is a revelation process – an exploration of new lands if you would:

    • Cost of living – when compared to Magic City, Toronto is a bargain for prices. Food and clothing will be cheaper than Miami, whereas recreation might cost a pretty penny. But more importantly, real estate rental is almost 50% cheaper in Toronto than it is in Miami. Purchasing an apartment, on the other hand, is a whole different matter. This is why you need to research the living expenses before the actual move.
    • Diversity of local population – Toronto is the 2nd city with the most immigrants worldwide, but less than Miami, which is the 1st city with the most immigrants. Unlike the majority of Latin America immigrants in Miami, the immigrants in Toronto are from all over the world. So it has citizens of different nationalities; with more than 150 languages spoken on a normal Toronto day, and at least 50% of the population was born in a different country.
    • Job opportunities – being as diversified as Toronto is, you will have no trouble finding work. It’s a progressive society, offering great education, along with the chance to grow and become skilled. So we trust that you will have no trouble finding a suitable job.

      Go Miami orange or go to Toronto - or you can do both.
      Orange can follow wherever you decide to move to, so never forget to take a little Miami with you.

    And there you have it – a short introduction into what to expect when moving from Miami to Toronto. All that’s left now is to pack your bags, hire good reliable Miami movers and get ready for the northern adventure that it Toronto. Salud!

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