Seniors Miami relocation guide – the know-hows

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    Seniors Miami relocation guide – the know-hows

    As we all know, the annual percentage of relocations in America is overwhelming. Now, what you might not be aware of is that a good part of that is made of seniors. Now, one might presume – “who cares, their time has passed already”…well, on might also be wrong. It is the obligation of any society to look after their elders, as they are foundation upon which that culture was built. Unfortunately, most people nowadays fail to appreciate this simple fact. Well, there are still some that have consideration for our seniors. Thus we offer this simple yet useful Seniors Miami relocation guidelines

    Seniors Miami relocation guide to true retirement hapiness.
    Seniors Miami relocation guide – never too old to be young.

    Run-of-the-mill advice for Seniors Miami relocation

    Whether you or your parents are moving to a retirement community or assisted living facility, or down-sizing to a space that is more appropriate for your new lifestyle, moving can be stressful and emotionally draining. And this goes double for seniors. Moving to an assisted living facility or a retirement community requires a lot of effort. Time needs to be made for preparation and planning in advance, as well as fitting it all into a certain budget.

    First stage of any Seniors Miami relocation project – planning and organization

    Now, this is something one should except that elderly excel at. Given the years of experience and that this is most likely not their or your first rodeo, this should be easy. And the good thing is that most retirees have all the time in the world to plan such an endeavor. Now, what this would entail is:

    • Deciding on a destination of the move
    • Looking into your relocation fund
    • Doing an inventory check

    Deciding on a relocation destination

    Choose Miami relocation not just because you earned it, but because you know you want to enjoy it.
    Tax-free and carefree retirement under the tropical Florida sun – head on down.

    It’s important to know where you want to spend out your retirement. And if you ask us, no better place than Florida – retirement central. Warm and sunny, quite accessible, offers loads of recreation as well as fun for both yourself and visiting grandchildren. However, the most important factors worth mentioning would be tax deductions and health care.

    There is no state income tax in Florida, and retirement income and Social Security benefits are not taxed either. When it comes to healthcare, the entire state of Florida is well oriented towards the elderly, due to such a large income of retirees. So you will find all the care you need.

    Looking into your Miami moving budget

    Even though you don’t spend as much once you retire, you don’t earn as much either. Which is why you need to calculate the relocation fund you have at your disposal before the actual move. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to save money when you are a senior mover. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the discounts available to you later on.

    Time for an inventory of your belongings acquired over the years

    As we grow old, more and more baggage piles up. So you might want to take out a bit more time for going through all those things you have in your basement and attic. Lots of memorabilia and antiques, not to mention the furniture and appliances. Having a list will significantly help you establish an overall estimate of what needs moving and how much your Seniors Miami relocation will cost.

    Second stage of the Seniors Miami relocation guidebook – letting go and packing up

    It might be necessary to scale down the things you are about to bring to your new home. Family or friends may want to keep some sentimental pieces, but after they have looked through the items, you will need to decide whether to throw, sell or donate to goodwill. This will not only avoid clutter in your new place and help you unpack easier and faster, but it will also save you on the moving services cost, since you will be moving less items. Last but not least it will make your home look better to prospective buyers.

    When it comes to the actual packing, you have three choices:

    Tips for a stress-free Seniors Miami relocation through full service movers.
    Why bother yourself with packing and loading when you can get full service from professional Miami movers.
    1. Pack-it-yourself – for those seniors still feeling tip-top.
    2. Get your family to help – which is also not a bad idea, and it will be a whole lot faster. You could even make a day out of it.
    3. Hire professionals – as most of the professional cross country moving companies offer full packing options, this is probably the best choice when moving seniors. That way the movers will handle the complete relocation with less effort from your side.

    Third stage of the retirement move to sunny Miami – finding and hiring the best moving company

    Hey, you’ve been working all your life for this moment. It’s time to just sit back, relax and let someone else do the work for you. And there is no time like the present, so why not simply go with hiring a full-service professional moving company. It’s what you might consider the crown of the Seniors relocation advice book. It takes off the entire burden from both you and your children and grandchildren. And plus, there are many senior companies who specialize in moving elderly people nowadays because of the high relocation rates.

    Try to book your mover at least 2 months early if possible. If you can be flexible with your move date, it’s better, cheaper and easier to avoid the first or end of the month when everyone else is moving. You be surprised how many moving companies will offer discounts for non-peak move dates. Getting rid of the unnecessary things is one way to lower your overall moving cost, but negotiating your moving price will help you lower it even more. Ask for senior moving cost discounts and search for moving coupon codes online to get the best moving deal possible even if you are looking for a state to state moving company.

    Final stage of your Seniors Miami relocation guide – to unpack and enjoy the rest of your life!

    With the entire Miami move complete, all that’s left is for you to start enjoying your life in retirement. So go out there, take in the sea water and warm sun rays. Find a bar on the beach, meet a lady looking for some retiree fun and let yourself feel young again. After all, you know how rare and precious such days are.

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