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    long distance move can be a big challenge, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad experience. With the right knowledge beforehand, the right attitude, and the right moving professionals, your cross-country trek move to Los Angeles from South Florida can be an exciting adventure!

    Before you start packing up your belongings, take a few minutes to prepare yourself for this major transition. Learn what you can about the neighborhood you’re moving to, understand the overall differences between L.A. and Florida, and get a free long-distance moving quote from a company with plenty of experience in the business, like us!

    Once you’ve got an idea of what to expect during and after your relocation, the whole process is likely to go a lot more smoothly. Let’s begin by going over a few of the major differences between Florida and Los Angeles.

    How is L.A. different from South Florida?

    Not surprisingly, Florida and southern California have a great deal in common. They both have sunny, warm weather, palm trees, and sandy beaches. However, there are some key differences that some Floridians might not expect – namely, the climate and cost of living.

    Street in Los Angeles you need to pass when moving to Los Angeles from South Florida
    You can expect nice weather after moving to Los Angeles from South Florida


    The climate in Los Angeles, though warm and sunny during the summer, can actually be a bit chillier in the winter, so don’t forget to pack some extra jackets, hats, and mittens when preparing to move.

    The average daily high temperature in Los Angeles in December is 67.7 degrees Fahrenheit. The average daily low temperature is 47.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Compare that to some of Florida’s average December high and low temps and you can see there is a noticeable difference.

    Florida’s average daily high/low temperatures for December (in degrees Fahrenheit):

    • Miami: 77.9 / 63.0
    • Orlando: 72.8 / 52.4
    • Tampa: 72.0 / 54.2

    Furthermore, Los Angeles receives an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, with an average of only 35 days with measurable precipitation annually. Despite being known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida is no stranger to severe weather. Depending on where in Florida you live, you may be quite used to the trademark afternoon thunderstorms, a high number of lightning strikes and intense rain. Los Angeles, by contrast, usually does not experience that level of severe weather. Instead, Los Angeles’ greatest climate threats are floods, which can sometimes occur during so-called “wet years”, which are associated with warm water El Nino conditions in the Pacific. When periods of heavy rainfall occur, mudslides are more likely in the hills.

    Tourist attractions you will see after moving to Los Angeles from South Florida

    LA is big. That is why it is no surprise that you can find many tourist attractions in this spectacular city. If you are moving to Los Angeles from South Florida one thing is for sure, you will definitely not get bored. Of course, the list of attractions is huge. From the famous Hollywood sign, across Hollywood Boulevard to Santa Monica pier. Of course, those are the most famous places that everyone knows about, at least from TV. But if you really want to know what is waiting for you in Los Angeles, take a glimpse at our shortlist of LA’s top tourist attractions.

    Santa Monica pier at sunset
    You will have an opportunity to enjoy Santa Monica Pier

    Santa Monica pier

    The central point of Santa Monica Beach is Santa Monica Pier. This place has seen a lot of Hollywood action. And surely you know the place even if you have never been there. Besides being a popular movie-shooting location, it is also the main gathering spot for those who visit the beach. If you visit Santa Monica Beach, make sure that you do not miss the pier. Besides being a pier it is home to Ferris wheel, candy stands, aquarium, and fairground games. But there are always different festivals and music events that you can enjoy, too. So, there is always a lot going on at the pier. On the other hand, if you are into bodybuilding, or you just like to watch, just south of the pier is the famous muscle beach where people workout in the open.

    Disneyland resort

    If you somehow managed not to visit Disneyland while you were in Florida, you will have a chance to correct that mistake. But you will have to satisfy with a much smaller park with fewer attractions. Of course, Disneyland is always entertaining, so expect to have a great time in California’s version, too.

    Universal studios

    Similarly to Disneyland, Universal Studios also own a theme park in LA. And if you love their Florida version you will like it in Hollywood, too. Even though they are completely different, they both offer a great experience. And if you haven’t had an opportunity to visit it in Orlando, now is your chance.

    Hollywood walk of fame

    If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, then a stroll along the famous Hollywood walk of fame is something that you will certainly enjoy. Of course, besides hand and footprints of famous Hollywood actors, you can visit tattoo parlors, gift shops, and much more and fell some of that Hollywood charm.

    One dollar bill
    Think about the costs

    Los Angeles vs South Florida cost of living

    From housing costs to taxes to gas prices and just about everything else, Los Angeles is considered a more expensive place to live. Things just typically cost more there. However, income levels tend to be higher, which helps offset the higher living costs.

    According to Sperling’s Best Places, a data-gathering site that compiles info on costs of living throughout the U.S., Florida’s cost of living is 98.7 on their Cost of Living Index. Their index is designed so that any number below 100 means that the state is cheaper than the U.S. average. According to the same index, Los Angeles has a cost of living that is 163.50. records similar statistics. When comparing the costs of living between Miami and Los Angeles, the biggest cost disparity was in housing. According to, housing is about 63% higher in L.A. than in Miami, while the cost of groceries is slightly lower (-1%) and the cost of transportation is slightly higher (2%).

    How much will moving to Los Angeles from South Florida cost?

    While we’re on the subject of costs, let’s talk about moving expenses. If you’re concerned about the cost of a cross country move you may be surprised to learn how affordable it can actually be if you take the right approach and work with the right interstate moving professionals.

    Choosing the right moving company

    One of the most important tasks you will have to accomplish is to find the right interstate moving company. However, that is not always so easy to achieve. There are dozens of moving companies that you can find online. And they all promise the best moving experience. Of course, you know that can’t be true. And considering Florida’s long history of moving scams and fraudulent moving companies, you need to be extra careful when hiring a moving company for your interstate move. Every mistake you make will cost you in the end.

    How to find the right moving company when moving to Los Angeles from South Florida

    When you are looking to find a suitable moving company for your interstate move, bear a few things in mind.

    • Firstly, double-check every moving company that you are planning to hire.
    • Secondly, to find the best deal you will need to compare at least five different moving estimates.
    • And thirdly, do not ever go with the cheapest offer. Cheaper offers are not always your worst option. But if an offer is too affordable, there is a big possibility that it is a scam.

    How to check the moving company?

    When you are moving to Los Angles from Florida, you got a long journey ahead of you. That is why it is important to find a professional and experienced moving company. Of course, long distance movers Miami will be your best option. However, if you want to double-check other companies as well, there are few good ways to do it. Every interstate move has to be performed under the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. In addition, every moving company that is working by the book will have an exclusive USDOT number, which you can use to check their business’s activities and history on FMCSA’s website. You can usually find the USDOT number on your moving company’s website. If you can’t find it, ask them to provide it to you.

    Another helpful website that can help you check the moving company is Better Business Bureau. Similarly, as FMSCA’s website, the BBB will also give you a complete overview of the company’s accomplishments, history of complaints, and reviews.

    How to compare moving estimates?

    After you identified at least five reliably looking moving companies that can execute a difficult interstate move, you need to get their moving estimates. First, you need to know how your price will be formed. With interstate moves, the distance is a significant factor. Florida moving services that you decide to use will also affect your price. However, the most important factor is the size of your inventory.

    Shaking hands before moving to Los Angeles from South Florida
    Accept only written binding estimates

    Accept only binding moving estimates

    When you want to get accurate moving estimates, there are two ways to do it properly. First, you can prepare your moving inventory list, which your movers will then use to estimate the size of your load. On the other hand, you can ask for an in-home estimate. In which case an estimator will come for an in-home inspection and estimate your load personally. However, there are a few different types of moving estimates. And it is important to remember to accept only written binding estimates. Non-binding estimates that you receive over the phone are not reliable, and they can easily change after you reach your destination.

    Here are a few other tips to help you save money on your interstate move

    • Avoid end-of-the-month or peak season moves to help cut down storage costs or delays.
    • Be sure to connect utilities before you arrive at your destination. Neglecting to do so could mean having to stay in a hotel until your power is on.
    • If weight is factored in at all in your moving costs, do what you can to reduce the amount of stuff that’s going on the truck. If you don’t need it, donate or sell it. When you donate, make sure to request an itemized receipt. This can help you qualify for a tax deduction.
    • Speaking of taxes, if you’re moving because of a change in employment, certain types of expenses may be deductible (lodging, meals, transportation, etc.). Check with the IRS or your tax adviser for details.

    Use this Online Moving Calculator to get an idea of what your FL to L.A. move will cost.

    Why choose Orange Movers when moving to Los Angeles from South Florida

    We understand that moving to a new state, especially across the country can be an overwhelming experience. That is why it is so important to work with trusted professionals who have been through this process many times. Here at Orange Movers, we can handle the challenges that come up on a long distance move, so you can simply focus on getting your family or business to the destination safely.

    More than 60% of our clientele are repeat or referral customers, proving that not only does our reputation precede us, we get the job done to our clients’ satisfaction – so much so that they trust us again and again for their moving needs.

    Want to hear what some of our clients have to say? Read some of our customer testimonials.

    Remember, you can request a free long distance moving quote online in minutes.

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