Making a New House Feel Like Home

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    Making a New House Feel Like Home

    Give Your New House That Moved-Into Feel With These Budget Friendly Ideas

    The stress involved in moving, alongside the piles of boxes and your favorite magazine getting lost in the mail can all put a damper on what should be an exciting time. It takes time to get used to a new house, and in some cases months, before it actually feels like home. To kick-start that feeling and feel more comfortable in your new digs, try some of these tips to customize your house without burdening your budget.

    Freshen Up the Front Door – You might not have the money for a whole-house paint job, but you can certainly brighten up your main entry point. Choose one of your favorite colors, and paint your front door from top to bottom. Add accents in your own taste, like a new door knob and welcome sign, or even spring for your house number in bright gold letters.

    Add Potted Plants – You might not have the time to dig in to a new garden right away, but you can certainly add color to the outside of your house with new potted plants. Think around the garage door, on the patio, and even on the front steps leading to the house. Pulling into the driveway will be a treat for your eyes if it has been lined with your favorite plants and flowers.

    Hang Personal Pictures – Your family photographs and heirlooms are some of the first things you should place inside the new house, if you are having feelings of homesickness. Seeing those familiar places will help to remind you that home truly is where your heart is.

    Keep Your Old Routine – If you always kept your keys on a hall table by the door, then put that table close to the door in the new house. Little comforts like having a spot for your coffee mug right next to maker, or your slippers under the bedside table can almost make you forget that you just moved in.

    Buy a New Mailbox – A new mailbox is a small investment into letting everyone in Lauderhill know that this is your new home. Put the house number on the side in your own personal style, to get that homeowner feeling each time you reach inside.

    Play Your Favorite Music, Loud – We often associate music with good memories, so start making some in your new home by letting your favorite songs run in the background. Do this while cooking meals, having dinner, or even getting ready for work in the morning. Before long, you will start to associate those good memories with your comfortable moments inside the new house.

    Not everyone takes to a new house right away, but if you start right away at little touches you love, you will soon forget that you once called another place home.

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