The What, How and Where of a Moving Essentials Kit

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    The What, How and Where of a Moving Essentials Kit

    No matter how well organized your packing and moving is, you want the peace of mind in knowing that certain items are always easily accessible. Unforeseen delays in moving times or unpacking can make your first night in a new home unbearable if you’re not prepared. An essentials kit that is packed ahead of time will ensure that no matter how your move goes, you and your family will still be comfortable for those first few hours after arriving in your new home.

    Your must-have belongings should be packed separate from the rest of your belongings, and kept with you during the move. To make it easier, choose a container that stands out from the rest of your moving boxes, like a plastic bin in a bright color. Make sure that it is sized appropriately to meet your needs.

    What Goes Inside Your Special Box?

    Pack the box like you are going on an overnight trip. You will want basic toiletries like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and toilet paper. Also include a change of clothes for everyone and at least one towel in case you need to get cleaned up. Having fresh pajamas and new clothes for the next day close by will come in handy if you don’t get to unpacking the first night in the new house. Drinks and snacks inside the box that are not perishable will help to keep your strength going as you begin to get settled in.

    Any prescription medications that you or your family members regularly take need to be in this special box as well in case of emergency. Your IDs, apartment or house information and your movers contract should be with you as you travel to your new house along with a list of important phone numbers.

    Other useful items will be a container of disinfectant wipes, your cell phone chargers, and toys to keep the kids occupied. Remember, you won’t have your TV set up yet, so having your laptop charged and ready could also be helpful in giving your kids some quick entertainment. This is another item you could have readily available in your box.

    If you are moving with pets don’t forget about their special needs. Dry pet food, treats, bottles of water and a dish will be needed almost immediately when you enter your new home. Not having to make them wait for food while searching through the moving van will make your cat or dog much happier to be there.

    This special moving box should be within close reach to you during the entire move. Have it on the side as you pack, and then keep it in your personal vehicle when making your way to the new house. You will really appreciate this once you get to the new house and start taking stock of all the boxes you have to sort out.

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