Is Your Above-Ground Swimming Pool Suitable for Interstate Moving?

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    Is Your Above-Ground Swimming Pool Suitable for Interstate Moving?

    It goes without saying than an in-ground pool stays here in Homestead with your old house. But what about above ground pools? If you’ve invested in a high quality above ground swimming pool, it’s understandable that you might want to take it with you. Interstate moving for an above ground pool will be a lot of work, so you’ll need to determine whether it’s actually worth it to you.

    Some of the things you should consider include:

    • If you’re just beginning to plan your interstate move, and your house isn’t on the market yet, will the pool increase its market value?
    • If so, will that increase offset the cost of purchasing a new above ground pool after you move?
    • Was the pool something you bought with a windfall that you might not be able to comfortably afford again?
    • Is the pool still being manufactured? If the pool is very old, it’s possible that if something breaks, you won’t be able to find a replacement part from the manufacturer.

    Moving the pool is your decision, and it may or may not be worthwhile. If you do decide to bring your above ground swimming pool with you, here’s what you’ll need to do.

    Disassembling The Pool

    Obviously, you’ll need to remove any inflatable toys, rafts, and other accessories. These can be deflated and packed away. Using a hose, drain all of the water out of the pool. This can take up to 24 hours. Toward the end, you may still have a few inches in the bottom.

    • Remove the rails from the top of the pool walls. Keep track of the hardware, putting nails and bolts into sealed bags and packing them in an organized manner.
    • Remove the liner. Pull on the plastic caps or sleeves at the top to loosen it. Pull it out carefully so that it doesn’t get damaged. Then, stretch it flat on the ground so that it can dry out completely.
    • Remove the walls. First, remove the rails that support the walls. Then, carefully remove them from the ground. You can roll them up and secure them with a rope or a bungee cord.
    • Box similar parts together. Keep hardware in small ziplock bags, and label bags and boxes so that you’ll know where everything is.
    • Fold the pool liner. Now that it’s dry, you can fold up the pool liner to transport it.

    Take note of any broken parts that can be replaced.

    Will Professional Interstate Movers Do This For Me?

    Many professionals who specialize in long-distance and interstate moving may be willing to do the pool disassembly for you. This may incur an extra cost, but for many homeowners, it’s worth skipping the hassle. We’ll make sure it’s done correctly and safely, and the total cost is less than what you’d pay to simply purchase a new above ground pool after you move.

    At Orange Movers, we help homeowners simplify the process of interstate moving. To find out more, contact us any time.

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