How to Transport Your Aquarium During Out of State Moving

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    How to Transport Your Aquarium During Out of State Moving

    Whether it’s a relatively modest freshwater tank, or an extensive saltwater habitat filled with rare fish and corals, owning an aquarium is a surprisingly engaging and fascinating hobby. Many people in Florida City have taken great pride in developing their tank environment, collecting fish, and meticulously balancing the water chemistry and micro-ecosystem to create a thriving underwater habitat. But what happens if you’re planning an out of state move?

    Out of state moving can be complicated. You’re packing up your entire life and relocating every single thing you own. That can certainly be daunting, and if you’re into fishkeeping, you might be worried about whether you can safely transport your aquarium to another state.

    Is it even possible? To be completely honest, the answer is both “yes” and “no.” Read on to find out what exactly you need to do about your aquarium if you’re moving to a different state.

    Please Consider Selling Your Fish

    Out of state moving is stressful on the fish. There isn’t really any way around that. Fish may not be as sophisticated as a dog or a cat, but they’re vertebrates, and they’re subject to physiological stress. Unfortunately, your fish are at a high likelihood of dying during transport. There isn’t much that professional out of state movers can do about that.

    For that reason, the optimal solution is to sell your fish, then purchase new ones when you arrive.

    How to Pack Your Fish

    If you’re determined to keep your fish, you might be able to put them in bags. If you’re moving out of state from Florida City, we can safely assume that you’re traveling at least eight hours by car. Put very few fish into each bag, and fill half of the bag with pure oxygen. Regular air can work, but oxygen is optimal for longer journeys. You can also use a sealed bucket.

    During the trip, it’s important to keep the fish at a stable temperature. Feed them well before moving, but it’s not advisable to feed them during the trip. Fish can generally survive anywhere from seven to ten days without food, and when you feed them, it degrades the water quality.

    This can work for freshwater fish, but we don’t really recommend it for saltwater aquaria. Again, the best thing for your fish themselves it to simply sell them instead of trying to move them.

    Moving the Aquarium Itself

    After removing the fish, drain the tank. Then, you can bag your aquarium plants with some water. As long as their roots are wet, they can survive for quite a while. Disassemble the tank, and clean or discard the filter. Pumps and heaters can be packed like other fragile appliances.

    Out of State Moving in Florida City

    At Orange Movers, we provide moving services for local homeowners relocating out of state. Whether you’re headed for southern Georgia or Washington State, we’ll get your belongings exactly where they need to go — even your fishtank. To find out more, or to arrange your move, call us any time.

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