Interesting Facts about South Florida

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    Interesting Facts about South Florida

    Have you ever thought about living somewhere nicer, where the beaches are many and cold days are few? Then South Florida is the place for you! Or maybe you have decided to move to South Florida but would like to learn more about it? Then this article is the one you have been looking for! Here, we will present some of the most interesting facts about South Florida. Strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

    Interesting Facts: The Climate

    One of the most interesting facts about South Florida is that it is the only region in the continental United States that has a tropical climate. This is why many people are relocating to Florida. This is also great news for those who enjoy spending their days in the sun. South Florida has two seasons – the dry and the wet season. The dry season begins in October and ends in May. During this time, the temperature in January averages at 68.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Those who dislike winter can rejoice – the temperature rarely falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The wet season begins in May and ends mid-October. Temperatures here are between the 80s and 90s, however, high humidity accompanies them. This should not worry you since thunderstorms or a sea breeze lower the temperature a bit.

    If you want the hottest place in the United States, go to Key West. It has the highest average temperature in the country, with July temperature average reaching staggering 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The first sun cream was invented in South Florida.
    The Florida sun was always an inspiration for many.

    Also, what do you get by cooking cocoa butter in a granite coffee pot (preferably on your wife’s stove)? This is how Miami Beach pharmacist Benjamin Green invented the first sun cream in 1944. Apparently, Florida weather hasn’t gone colder since.

    Interesting Facts: The Everglades

    The Everglades is a natural region of the tropical wetlands in South Florida. It is the only place in the world where you can find both alligators and crocodiles in the wild. This largest subtropical wilderness in the United States is also a World Heritage Site. Part of the Everglades was made into the Everglades National Park in order to preserve the plant and animal life of the swamps.

    A swamp in the Everglades, such as the Fakahatchee Swamp, has multiple functions. The first one is being a filter. The swamps clean the waters which are flowing south. The second one is quite obvious. The swamps are a major wildlife and plant life habitat. And the third and final is quite important. The swamps slow the water after heavy rains and prevent flooding by doing so.

    Interesting Facts: The Sea

    Florida is the only state in the continental United States to have an extensive coral reef all along its shores. However, there are many other things hiding in the sea. Only six miles off Key Largo in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, an underwater habitat is hiding. Its name is Aquarius Reed Base and its dedication is to science and education. There are only two other undersea laboratories in the world, so that is pretty amazing.

    Also off the coast of Key Largo is SS Benwood. The Norwegian merchant freighter was sunk on the night of April 9th, 1942. It now holds the title of the most dived shipwreck in the world.

    Wherever you go, you will never be more than 60 miles away from a beach.
    You’re always less than 60 miles away.

    Another interesting fact is that wherever you go in Florida, you will never be more than 60 miles away from a beach! Great for watersports, right? If you’re, however, a fan of shells, South Florida also has something for you! The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum is the only museum in the United States that is devoted to only shells. Here you can find over 2 million shells from all over the world here. You can find the museum itself on the Sanibel Island.

    And then there’s Islamorada, an incorporated village in Monroe County. It is billed as the Sports Fishing Capital of the World. Another Capital of the World is Key Largo, which claims the title of the Dive Capital. Venice, however, is the Shark Tooth Capital of the World. Here you can find collections of prehistoric shark teeth.

    Interesting Facts: The Cities


    There are many interesting facts about Miami itself.
    There are many interesting facts about Miami itself.

    Miami Metropolitan area is the most populous metro area in Florida, as well as the second-most populous area in the Southern United States (after Washington). Many interesting facts and secrets about Miami are waiting for you to discover them. For example, the highest concentration of international banks in the United States is in the Brickell Financial District of Miami.

    Also, the Greater Miami is the only metropolitan area in the United States to encompass two national parks. Both the Everglades National Park and The Biscayne National Park are in this area.

    Fort Lauderdale

    There is a reason why people call Fort Lauderdale the Venice of America. In the city, you can find over 180 miles of navigable inland waterways. If you are thinking about living here, contact professional Fort Lauderdale movers and start planning your relocation today!

    Coral Gables

    In Coral Gables, you can find the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art. It is the first and only museum of its kind in the United States. If you are keen on the preservation, diffusion, and promotion of Hispanic and Latin American art, this is a must visit for you!

    Interesting Facts: The History

    You can find many historic sites hidden all over South Florida. Here are some of them:

    Visit Crane Point Museum in Marathon. The Crane Point Hammock is a 63.5-acre land and is one of the most important historical sites in the Keys. Archeologists have found evidence pre-Colombian and prehistoric Bahamian cultures here. It was also a home to an entire Native American village at one point.

    If the United States history is more your cup of tea, then visit Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Built between 1845 and 1866, it was under Union’s control during the Civil War. A blockade of Confederate ships happened here, and historians say this successful action shortened the war by a full year. The fort also witnessed Spanish-American War, as well as both World War I and World War II.

    This was our pick of some of the most interesting facts and places to visit in South Florida. Hopefully, we have awakened your curiosity and you are ready to find some Florida Movers! Good luck!

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