Packing your House: Tips from the Pros

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    Whether you’re moving long distance or near your old neighborhood, packing your household represents a very complicated process that requires a lot of time and a couple of pairs of hands. But if you’re not facing last-minute moving, you can deal with packing your house easily with our tips! Moreover, we’ll show you how you can save, and even earn money while packing!  But if you’re in a hurry, you can hire professional packers and get both packing services South Florida can offer and unpacking services as well.

    Get rid of the clutter before packing your house

    Before you hire South Florida movers and start packing your house, make sure to get rid of the clutter. Professional movers and packers charge by the hour, but also by the weight of the shipment. So, if you get rid of the things you don’t want to move, you’ll pay less. Decluttering is simple. Throw away old, damaged, and broken stuff. If there are some things you don’t need anymore, but they’re in good condition, you can recycle, donate or even sell them! Books, gadgets, electronics, games, and antiques, for example, are the things that can bring you a reasonable sum of money.

    A girl decluttering a home
    Get rid of the things you don’t need while packing your house and earn some money by selling them.

    Prepare packing supplies and materials

    Whether you are relocating locally or you are moving to Los Angeles from South Florida in order to pack your house efficiently, you need to get various packing supplies and materials. Don’t get in a situation to face a lack of moving boxes and don’t have enough time to search for new ones. Packing supplies are not cheap. For example, wrapping paper runs $9 per pack, carpet dollies $35, while pads for preventing scratches on furniture are $8-$15 each. Try to find free as much as you can. And you hire a moving company that And some basic packing supplies for packing your house include:

    • moving boxes
    • bubble wrapping
    • packing paper
    • cloths
    • plastic bags
    • trash bags
    • tape
    • markers
    • carpet dollies
    • furniture pads

    Save money using free moving boxes

    Did you know that you can actually save money using free moving boxes? Moving boxes are expensive to get especially if you need to use a lot of them for packing fragile items and your entire house. On average, people spend between $35 and $50 on moving boxes for packing a studio apartment. For packing a 1-bedroom apartment you can spend about $61 to $85. if you have a 2-bedroom apartment, expect to spend about $73 to $100. But if you need to pack and move for a four-bedroom house, moving boxes costs can go up to $400!

    Instead of buying, you can get free moving boxes at your local liquor store or markets. You can ask your friends and neighbors if they have some. Besides, local movers South Florida will provide you with moving boxes if you are using full-moving services. And if not you can always rent them from your moving company.

    A girl holding a moving box
    Get free moving boxes from the local stores and save up to $400!

    Start early with packing your house and move off-peak season

    Start as early as you can with packing your house. Wonder why? If you book your move early, for example, 6 months in advance, you can save money. To prevent running out of time, start packing early. When you get moving boxes and packing materials, pack non-essentials first. Pack things you don’t use often, like sporting equipment, furniture, and clothes for the next season. Essential things and fragile items pack a few days before the moving day. Most Americans move between April and September, and this is called peak season. The cheapest months to move are between November through New Year’s because people mostly don’t move during holidays, so moving and packing services are cheaper.

    Label moving boxes

    The most important thing next to packing is labeling. Once you pack things into moving boxes, you need to label them. Each time you pack the box, label it with the room it belongs in or write what’s inside. This is extremely important when it comes to packing fragile items. Write fragile on the top of the box. This way, you or your movers, will know where to place boxes with fragile items in a moving truck and how to handle them.

    Moving boxes as supplies that you will need when packing your house
    Don’t forget to label boxes with fragile items and fill the gaps inside with packing paper

    Hire professional packers

    If you fail with packing your house, you can always hire residential movers South Florida. Wonder if it’s worth your money? Don’t worry, there are many benefits of hiring professional movers and packers. You won’t have to be stressed and nervous about packing and lifting and moving heavy furniture! This means you’ll avoid possible injuries. Professional packers arrive at your home and pack and load your boxes fast and easily. They have all packing boxes, and protective materials like blankets and bubble wrap to safely pack your fragile items. No extra costs for packing materials and other services. Just let professionals do their job and relax.

    Renting a storage unit can be useful when packing your house

    Lastly, sometimes when packing your house you will not have enough space to store moving boxes until the moving day. Moving sometimes requires the renovation of the new home and all moving boxes and households need to be stored safely. The best solution is to rent a storage unit. Storage units are a safe and convenient option for storing things while relocating. The majority of storage units offer a wide range of sizes and services on a budget. You can choose between full-service storage units or self-storage units. Full-service units have professional workers who pick up your belongings and secure them in the storage unit. The most popular storage unit is still a self-storage unit. They are affordable and people can store things themselves.

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