How to get rid of used office furniture

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    People spend in their office a lot of time. That is why it should be nice and clean. Also, the furniture should be in a good shape too. Renovation of your office space is an exciting event because it is like a second home. To put new furniture you should get rid of used office furniture first. A renovation is not the only reason why people need to get rid of some items and office supplies. Moving is another reason. In most cases when people are moving their office, they also need new office furniture.

    What to do with used office furniture?

    For office moving, you will need cheap movers Miami to move all the furniture you want to move. Office relocation is not simple and cheap, but it may be with the right moving company. But first, let’s see what to do with all that used furniture in your office. 

    street sign time to say goodbye
    Say goodbye to your old office furniture and buy new.

    If you do not know what to do with office supplies and office furniture, we know. Your moving will be cheaper if you do not move all your items. And at the same time, you will have an opportunity to buy new. New office space needs new furniture too. And if you are renovating, it is assumed that you have new furniture. You and your employees will be more productive in a better-looking surrounding, for sure.


    • The first option is to sell your office furniture. This way you will earn money and that is a big advantage. If your furniture and office supplies are in a good shape then you can sell it for the very good price. If you need to get rid of used office furniture, why not to earn money at the same time.
    • Making a donation is a very human thing. There are many organizations where you can leave your used furniture from an office. They will give that furniture to the schools, for example. It may help you after when paying taxes. Also, you will likely feel good for doing a good deed.
    • The third option is to throw it away, but not on landfills. It should be separated into recyclable categories and after that, it will be recycled. Find a company for your furniture, for example, Steelcase company and leave your office furniture there. They’ll know what to do next.

    Get rid of used office furniture simple and easy

    With every relocation or renovation comes new furniture. No matter if it is an office moving or home moving. Especially if you are having some bigger renovations at your home. Most people want to change their furniture as well, but they also look for other advice in home improvement Florida. Anyway, that means you need to get rid of your old furniture in order to buy new. Luckily for you, we know hot to get rid of used office furniture whatever the reason is and what you will do with furniture after.

    Create an inventory list

    It is an office moving, so you will need some office inventory list, especially for your boss. So, this list is a must. Not only for the company but also, it will help you do your job better. Making a spreadsheet is a good start for creating an inventory list. You can fill out the form or ask one of the co-workers to do it. Pay attention to the type of furniture (desk, chair, etc.), age, condition, and dimension.

    Inventory list.
    If you make an inventory list, your job will be more successful.

    Plan your budget

    If you are moving or renovating office space, the budget is a huge factor. So, set your budget immediately. Due to moving, renovation, new furniture, and the fact that your business probably will not work these days, you should pay close attention to budget and money. Every project needs a budget and if it is possible to save money on your office moving, great. Do not wait until the last minute to make a plan and to set the budget. The biggest costs in this situation are removal, dismantling, and logistics.

    What is your business goal?

    What is your and the company’s goal? For most companies, it is a financial return. Return on investment is important, even in moving or renovation. Furniture removal is just one step in the whole process. With a good plan and goal, you and your company can properly weigh options in managing your office furniture you do not need anymore.

    making plan to get rid of used office furniture
    Gather your team and set your company’s goals.

    Prepare for the risks

    Even when you need to get rid of used office furniture you must be aware of risks. Budget is not the only risk, but it is one of the risks. When you want to get rid of the office supplies and office furniture, you will need to buy new. And that will cost. If you are moving, adding a budget for new furniture is an additional big cost. If the money is your biggest concern, you do not have to get rid of all your furniture. Renting storage in Florida is an option, so you can save it for later.

    Document everything

    Document and report everything, do not forget anything. Even the team’s performance. If you are able to track every item from the office, from the beginning till the end, it’s great. That will surely help you finish a successful project. Save the data of where and when the furniture is sold, recycled or donated. Your company will appreciate that and if you document it, you will make sure not to forget anything.

    Signing documents.
    Document every detail about the office furniture.

    Now when you know what to do with your office furniture and how to get rid of used office furniture, you can do it right. Or even to help someone, why not? It is nice to have new, clean, and fresh office space. After all, you are spending a half day there alone or with your co-workers, so you might as well enjoy it.

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