How to Do Inventory of Office Supplies

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    Knowing what you are moving to the new location is quite an important thing for the move. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, the movers will usually charge by how much you are packing. Then, if something turns up missing at your new home, you will want to know whether you forgot it at your old one, or your movers somehow lost it. This is especially true when you are moving an office. One of the most important things you will need to do during that move is making an inventory of office supplies. These can often be big and expensive, so knowing what you gave your Miami movers is imperative. In this article, find out the best way in which you can make it.

    Get the proper paperwork to do the inventory of office supplies

    The first thing you will want to do is figure out how your company does inventory. There are those who like the old pen-and-paper methods, and there are those who prefer to do it electronically. If it’s the former, then get the inventory log and head to the place where you keep your items. If your company prefers to keep their logs in an electronic format, first figure out which software they are using. Then, grab a laptop or a tablet and go log the supplies you currently own.

    Binders with papers.
    Figure out how your company does inventory.

    Whether you will be moving them or not, you should take note of them before the move. This will help you decide what you should take with you and what can stay behind. From there, it will be easy deciding whether you want to donate your equipment (if you are not taking it with you) or if you will store it in the best storage Miami Beach has to offer. You will also take note of the things you are taking to your new office. This will help you figure out how much truck space you will need, how much all the stuff weighs and finally – how much the move will cost.

    Create groups to speed up the inventory

    When you want to do the inventory of office supplies, you should think about grouping them first. This will help you speed up the process – and it will be easier to mark everything down and do the count. Also, depending on what type of supplies you have, and how big of a company you are, your groups may vary.

    Groups of items.
    Grouping items will help you speed up the process.

    For example, the easiest thing will be to create groups based on the type of supply. You can have writing implements on one side, then copy paper, notebooks, various desk items and finally filing supplies. On the other hand, you can create groups based on the items’ product numbers. This is especially great if you have a couple of office supply caches.

    If you are doing the inventory of office supplies at a bigger company, then you might want to put more details into your approach. You might separate supplies based on the departments, for example. Then, you can assign a couple of employees to help you manage this. This is also helpful if not everyone is moving with you. Let’s assume only a couple of departments are moving to Florida, while the others will stay. You will want to focus on the inventory of only those departments.

    Counting items and thinking about reordering

    After you have separated everything into groups, it will be easy to simply count them and put the numbers in the sheets. While you are doing this, think about how quickly your company blows through the supplies you have. This will help you plan the supply chain ahead of moving to Miami.

    Counting lines.
    This is the time to start counting your items.

    Let’s take printing paper as an example. Assume that your company uses three boxes per week and that you have a dozen or more in the supply. Then, add to that the time it takes you to get more boxes from the supplies – let’s say a week. You will want to order more once you drop to somewhere between four and six boxes. This will give you ample room to cushion the demand that may arise during those weeks. It will also not get into the critical levels of your office running out of papers to print things on while you wait for the fresh batch. This is one of the main reasons why doing a regular inventory of office supplies is important.

    The inventory and movers

    Doing the inventory of office supplies is also very important when you need to work with local Miami movers, as we already mentioned. When you are moving your office to a new location, you will want to do it as quickly and as fast as you can. Remember, in the business world, wasting time means wasting money. The more time you spend on looking over the things you will move, then packing them and doing other preparations, the more time your workers will be away from their jobs. This will, in turn, cost the company money.

    This is another reason why doing a regular inventory of office supplies is important. Once the moving time arrives, you choose your Florida moving services, and your cheap Miami movers are ready to talk with you, you will already have lists of items you are willing to transport. This will not only show the movers you are serious about your business. It will also speed up the moving process. The movers will not need to carefully go over everything you have – you have already done that. They will be faster with an estimate, and you can finish your stressless move in no time.

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