Funny but Frightening House Moving Accidents

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    Funny but Frightening House Moving Accidents

    There are many things that can go wrong when moving a house. Some of them are pretty frightening, but some of them are actually quite silly. Too many times you can only scratch your head and say “What were those people even thinking?!” In order to, hopefully, relieve you of some moving-related stress, we have gathered various house moving accidents around the web – both in the anecdote and video formats. We hope this article will bring a smile to your face and give you a few giggles before you call your Miami Movers and keep planning your moving adventure.

    1. Friends are both Help and Hell

    What are friends for – if not to play some practical jokes on you. There are so many pranks people pulled, but we picked two for you.

    Taking your broken dreams with you

    One of the most important things when moving house is packing your old possessions. You know the drill – carefully placing every item in their respective boxes, securing them, and clearly labeling every box with an appropriate room. Well, here’s where the trouble starts. A person on Reddit decided to go wild and creative when labeling their friend’s boxes. You can imagine the surprise on their friend’s (and the movers’) faces when they had to pack the boxes containing “broken dreams and failures”, “chocolates and love letters” and “Desperate Housewives complete seasons 1 through 10”. That must have been so much fun to unpack!

    Careful not to move into a scary house

    Friends and scary movies can be a nightmare.
    Friends and scary movies can be a nightmare.

    Another friend on Reddit decided to pull a prank on his friend after the poor guy has already moved. Since both of them are horror film lovers, you can imagine the friends’ surprise when they discovered that the new house had a basement identical to their favorite movie’s one. So, one night, the guy decided to sneak into his friend’s house and recreate one of their favorite scenes. 

    If there is one thing you can learn from this story – it’s never to have friends who love horror movies. Oh, and also be careful if the house has the exact same basement/attic as your favorite scary movie, too! (Here are some home improvement tips to help with these)

    2. Movers can cause House Moving Accidents Too!

    Packing Takes Effort – Part 1

    When deciding to pack things, you need to account for both time and effort it will take. Loading the moving truck (and unloading it after the move) can be quite physically stressful. This is why some movers come up with creative solutions in order to bypass the strain on their backs. In the video below, you can see people creatively use Physics when taking boxes a few floors up. However, what they did not account for is that gravity likes to help movers too. And sometimes, TVs don’t like flying. Thus, their experience took a quick downturn when the TV they were trying to launch didn’t even arrive at the intended destination.

    Packing Takes Effort Part 2

    Sometimes, however, it’s the house owners who get tired of going to the moving van and back to the house over and over again. That’s why this homeowner decided to shorten their trip by using a small skateboardlike device. However, there’s one thing he didn’t account for – the slope of his driveway. At the end, he finished lying on the ground – so hopefully, he could get some rest then.

    Know your Truck to Escape House Moving Accidents

    One of the awfully common house moving accidents is more frightening than funny, but it’s hilarious how often it happens, and how little some people learn from it. An important thing to know when moving is the size and capacity of your moving truck. You should especially pay attention to its height. This is because there might be some overpasses along the way. And if you don’t follow the clearance signs, awful things can happen. In the following video, you can see a staggering amount of trucks crashing into the same bridge. The description of the video says that once a month at least one truck gets visibly damaged. The others get scratched or have to go around. And yes, the clearance sign on the bridge is correct. 

    3. Can Street Names be House Moving Accidents?

    Check the street name to avoid house moving accidents.
    Check the street name to avoid house moving accidents.

    Sometimes, you don’t just need to check the rooms when looking into Florida real estate. You should also look into the house address itself. We don’t know if this can be called an “accident”, but it sure is funny. Here’s a list of seven weirdest street names in the United States:

    1. Tupac Lane – developed in Las Vegas in 1990, it is not clear which Tupac it was named after since Tupac Shakur was still a backup dancer then.
    2. Frying Pan Road – previously named Frying Pan, this D.C. community changed its name to Floris in the 1890s – but the road name still remains.
    3. This Street, That Street and The Other Street – these are the names of three connecting streets near Porters Lake in Nova Scotia. We are not sure if the builders didn’t have any names left, but these are quite hilarious nevertheless.
    4. 100 Year Party Court – who wouldn’t want to live in this fun street Longmont, Colorado?
    5. Chicken Dinner Road – this Idaho’s road was named for Laura Lamb‘s famous – you guessed it – chicken dinner.
    6. Error Place – On the maps, this place in Cinncinatti looks like someone tried connecting to avenues, and realized it was – well, and error. Now, it’s a stairway going up a hill.
    7. Duh Drive – several graduate students apartment buildings are here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. You wanna live here, we know. It’s a no-brainer.

    Moving House Accidents – Before you Go

    Leave a scary souvenir for the new house owner.
    Leave a scary souvenir for the new house owner.

    Finally, there are many people over the internet who like making practical jokes on the new house owners themselves. They do so by leaving creative, funny, frightening or just random gifts for the new owners to find. Some of these ideas include installing a switch that says “Safe room” or “Bunker” on it. Some go for scary – leaving horrifying messages then placing ugly wallpapers over it, or leaving Furbys in the air went to haunt the house.

    Hopefully, this article made you laugh or smile. Maybe it even gave you some new prank ideas. The main lesson to take from this is to make house moving accidents into anecdotes you can laugh about in the future – because losing patience and getting stressful is just not healthy. We hope you won’t have to deal with accidents when you move, though! Good luck!

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